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Year 6 SATs

Welcome to the Y6 SATs page 2019 to 2020.


Monday 11th May 2020 to Thursday 14th May 2020 are the dates for our diaries:


  • Monday 11th May - Spelling Punctuation and Grammar
  • Tuesday 12th May - Reading Comprehension
  • Wednesday 13th May - Arithmetic and Mathematics Paper 2 Reasoning
  • Thursday 14th May - Mathematics Paper 3 Reasoning

March Update.


All Y5 and Y6  pupils have been sent home with a KS2 Maths, Reading and Grammar revision book as well as a Science project outline.


These are to be kept in the event of a School Closure.


Home learning can be supported with looking at the topics in the booklets, finding those that proved difficult and looking for online videos, games and resources from sites such as BBC Bitesize, You Tube etc... Many sites are offering temporary membership for home learning.


However, please remember to stay safe online and always ask for parental permission before asking Google.

Useful Revision Websites

Handy Hints & Tips

One of the very best things you can do is to learn your Times Tables.

Nearly everything we do in mathematics needs a quick recall of multiplication tables.

Read a chapter of your reading book every night.  Can you read for 20 minutes without stopping or losing focus?  Can you remember what you read?  Can you recall what you have read and describe it to someone else?