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In Literacy this week we are going to be writing some simple sentences.

Talk to your child and ask them what they are good at.

Write down some examples of simple sentences for your child to look at, for example;

I am Mrs Dovaston.

I can run.

I can hop.


Encourage your child to have a go at writing some sentences independently. If they struggle with this you can help them sound out each word. Ask them: What sounds can you hear in can? c – a- n. If they need help writing, you could use a light coloured pencil or a highlighter and ask your child to trace over the top of the letters.

Good words you could use at the end of the I can sentences that would be good for your child to try and write would be  - sit, run, hop, pop, pat, tap,

If they could write I am (their name) and then two or three I can sentences that would be great.