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Thursday 17th November

Today we made our lava lamps. It was great fun! Once we'd added the glue to the mixture, we had to shake it really hard! We were a little worried that the lids might pop off!





Thursday 10th November

This week, we deigned our own lava lamp. We made a list of equipment that we would need and thought about how we could make it as relaxing as possible.


Thursday 3rd November

This week we came up with our hypothesis, equipment lists and our methods. We also carried out our investigation. Some of us were shocked at the results that we got - they were not what we had expected!




Thursday 13th October

Today we looked at home made lava lamps. We found 2 different ways to create them and in our groups decided which we'd like to investigate.




Thursday 6th October


Today we investigated what would happen if we added a Mentos to a variety of liquids. We made predictions about which of the liquids might produce the 'bigger' reaction.




Thursday 29th September

Our first session was all about what we want to investigate. We worked as a team to come up with some questions and concepts that we would like to investigate over the next few weeks.