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Chinese Dragons

We are the Chinese Dragons!

Hello, my name is Miss Cairns and I am extremely proud to be the teacher of this amazing class.

Hello Chinese Dragons,

I hope you all received my letter in the post this week. I have received some lovely letters from some of you already. I have also noticed some additional bloggers! It is lovely to hear from many of you - it is nice to stay in touch and see what you have been up to.


Underneath I have included some more work to keep you all busy. A little different this time as I have asked Mrs Foley and Mrs Fraser to send me something to put on for you about the subjects they teach in our class.




Miss Cairns xx

Hi Everyone,

Mrs Foley here. I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. I am missing you all much more than I could ever have imagined. JI have been busily planning our R.E. topics for this term but as I won’t get to teach you them, I thought it might be nice if you could do some research of your own (a bit like mini teachers but you get to play all of the roles). Unless of course you talk to some classmates and share out the tasks if you would like to.

We are looking at People of Faith.


What’s that, I hear you cry?

Well if I give you some names perhaps you could do some research of your own and create a fact file for each person.

Malala Yousafzai – Dalai Lama – Rabbi Jonathan Sacks – Fauja Singh - Bear Grylls


First of all find out who they are, what religion they follow, why they are considered people of faith? Where they were born? If they still live there and if not, why not?  How has their faith helped them? Really as much information about each one that you can. Find out what challenges they have faced or overcome and see if you can find any more people that you might consider to be in the same type of category (group).  Finally if you decide to make a fact file, I would really like you to add someone that you find personally inspires you, make sure you add how and why they are inspirational to you.


Hi Everyone,

Mrs Foley here again. Hope everyone is looking after each other and staying safe.

This terms topic for P.S.H.E. is Relationships.

Remember the class charters that you made at school and always treat people respectfully and sensitively.

This term we are thinking about all the different types of relationships that people are a part of for example – son, mate, mother and grandson.

I have given you a few words above that describe family or friendship relationships, that people are a part of but how many more can you think of?



To show how relationships are gaged (judged) in our own lives we would put ourselves into the middle of a small circle.

Next, draw a circle around that for those who are closest to us and would who we are most comfortable with, fitting into that circle around us.

Then in the circle around that one (the circles become bigger) we would place people who we know well.

In the circle after that we would place those who we only know a bit.

So those we know less are towards the larger outer circles of our lives further away from us.

Please draw your relationship circle if you would like to. You can be as colourful as you wish.

This time we are experiencing at the moment has given an opportunity for reflection on those relationships.


Think about the relationships you are a part of.

Who are you grateful for in your lives?

How can you show you value the special people in your life?

How can you show love and appreciation?


Remember no questions are silly questions




I hope you are all okay! Before school closed, in French, we started working on the topic ‘classroom objects’.


We learnt a few words and started to put these words into phrases. I have created this PowerPoint to help you to practise!


In the PowerPoint I have included lots of words in French but in brackets I have written how you would say the words phonetically - just like we do in class. This will hopefully help you to pronounce the words.


If you struggle to pronounce any words use this website:

If you type in the French word, it will repeat it so you can

hear it J  

À bientôt  Mrs Fraser x

Hi everyone, 

It is just me again! I hope you are all staying safe and helping around the house. Let me know how your home learning is going through our Class Blog!


I hope you enjoyed the rest of our book we had been studying in English. Remember to send any stories you have created to me. This can be sent via email to and address the email to me.


I have added some additional activities for you to continue with your home learning:

  • Information about the Roman Empire
  • Reading comprehension questions about the Roman Empire
  • Information about the Roman Army
  • Written Task: Application to be a Roman Soldier
  • Maths: Types of Triangles
  • Maths: Comparing quadrilaterals


Stay safe and I miss you all

Speak soon

Miss Cairns

Our Roman Topic

Look through the information about the Romans.

Find out about what life was like in the Roman times and how to become a Roman soldier.

The Roman Empire

Find out more about the Romans

Now you have found out some information about the Romans, have a go at answering these questions: 


1. According to legend, who founded Rome?


2. From which two materials could a toga be made from?


3. Name two things a Roman woman wore?


4. Explain fully, what you would be wearing if you were in the Roman times right now.


5. Give one way that a bulla and a lunula are similar and one way that they are different


6. How are your hobbies similar/different to those of a Roman


7. Summarise the end of the Roman Empire


8. Would you have liked to have lived during the Roman Empire? Why/Why not?

The Roman Army

Find out more about the Roman Army

Label the Roman Soldier's attire and design your very own Roman shield

Now you have found out some information about the Roman army, you know what they wear and you have your very own unique Roman shield, do you think you have what it takes to be a Roman Soldier?


You can apply for the position of a Roman Soldier by writing an application form and sending it to


You need to think about what characteristics, skills and traits a good Roman Soldier has. Why would you be a good Roman soldier?


What position in the Roman army are you applying for?


Good luck and you will be informed if you are a successful applicant.


Emperor Cairns

Maths Learning

In Maths, we are looking at shape:

Find some PowerPoints and tasks to complete below:

Find out about different types of Triangles

The Triangle Song!

Still image for this video
Why not try to add some actions?

Maths Learning

What are quadrilaterals?

Find out what quadrilaterals are

Home Learning - A Series of Unfortunate Events


Listen to me read the rest of the book we had been reading in class. Follow the Link below and access through the Video Blog. 

The next book in the series is called The Reptile Room!


Why not have a go at writing your own story about the reptile room.


Who will be in your story?


What will happen? 


Will Count Olaf RETURN?

Home Learning - Weather Art


Using resources you have at home, create a piece of weather art. You could use chalk outside, paint, coloured pencils, felt tips etc. 

This could be an image of weather e.g. tsunami, thunder and lightning..


Look through the pictures for inspiration:


When we return, we will hopefully be looking at the Digestive System. Look through the PowerPoint above to become an expert before we return!

As part of our English topic, we planned and wrote letters to our parents as a Christmas treat. We addressed the envelopes and then posted them in our nearest postbox. 

For most children this was their first experience of addressing an envelope, putting a stamp on it and posting it.

Ancient Greeks


Our topic this term is the Ancient Greeks. We have explored life in these times comparing the lives of the rich and poor.



A Visitor from the Past

In Science, we have been exploring the Water Cycle. We presented our work to the class.

Water Cycle Presentations

We have been very busy this half term with some very exciting activities!

During Fitness Week, we participated in the Daily Mile even Miss Cairns completed it!

We also danced for 30 minutes, completed a training circuit and had a hop/star jump challenge. The winner in Chinese Dragons with 140 hops was Chloe! Well done! 

Fitness Week

French Day!


During our French Day, we visited places in France finding out about landmarks, culture and food. We drew portraits in Paris, ate crepes on the River Seine and danced to French songs in Cannes!

Mr Andrews, who is fluent in French, read us the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in French.

French Day

As well as all these exciting events, we have also been doing some excellent work.

Class Assembly

In our class, we practised and performed our class assembly based on the story of Chinese New Year.

We were all dragons! Some children acted as the Emperor and animals. Some children were the narrators. All of them performed in the assembly!

I was extremely proud of every single person as many felt nervous.

Check out our Dragons!