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Rio De Janeiro

Welcome to Rio De Janeiro



Hello Rio,

I hope you're all staying safe during the school closure.

It is now Summer Term and we are still all trying to complete our work from home. It is very odd not seeing you every day and I am still thinking about you and what you are doing. I hope you are working on Maths, English, Science, Topic and learning valuable life skills.



So as an extra challenge last week, I wanted you to try spend some time together as a family, do something you had not done in ages or something you do all the time, play a board game together, cook tea and sit down as a family and talk! (No mobiles at the table), watch a movie and cuddle up with snacks, bake a cake with a sibling anything you could think of. This week I have made a 22 challenge list for things to do once your home learning is done.

Remember Enjoy the little things because one day you will look back and realise they were the big things.   


P.S. Post a photo on the blog so I can see what you have need up to.

Go to the new year 5 Home Learning Page to get you work for Summer term 2. 

Here is a really useful Maths link 

it has daily lessons with really nice videos to help you if you are stuck. Also remember to use your blog if you need any help. I have downloaded some maths worksheets onto our class page for you to have a go at. On the website the videos are available to watch if needed.


I will be adding PowerPoint's and task documents for you to access but if you want to look at for additional tasks have a look on here.

Also remember maths games can be completed too. Hit the button was always a good one for multiplication, here is the link.

The Mayans


The Mayans is this terms topic and you have explore who they are, this week explore the gods and religions of the Mayans. You can complete this task on paper or use a word document/publisher or even create your very own Powerpoint. Keep up the hard work Rio and please share your work on the blog I would love to see it.  



Hi Rio

I have added powerpoints for science and a range of tasks (they are in the slides on the powerpoints)

The tasks can be done with a sheet printed but don't worry if you cant. I have made the tasks so you can complete them on paper or a word document on the computer. Have a go!

Rio Riddles

Web links

I will leave the web links for the first group of home learning activities below in case any of you want to still use them.

David Walliams link to his online site.

Bitesize is a fantastic website for you to use it has a wide range of videos and games.

Fab science videos too!

Time for some PE with Joe Wicks (Burn off some energy!)

And if you feel like dancing … Just Dance

Maths with Carol Vorderman

Music with Myleene Klass (La La La)

Science with Maddie Moate

 I hope you guys are remembering to use the handwriting font!


Watch the animals at Chester Zoo

(For the animal lovers, you know who you are!)

Spring Term

Spring Term

Brazil Carnival!

The children loved exploring the carnival, they created there own masks and explored samba music. Can you guess who these smiling faces belong too? 

Fitness week

The children have taken part in fitness week including a visit from sports for schools Paralympian Danielle Brown. The children took part in 30 mins daily exercise completing a dance-a-thon, running a mile and a circuit including star jumps, spotty dogs, and push ups!

The children have come back to school and are working hard learning all about the Anglo Saxons. They have been studying the text 'Beowulf' and have enjoyed the stories of the hero saving the day. Liz Million came to school and helped us draw the main characters from the story and even drew us our very own Beowulf. 

Liz Million

The children in Rio De Janeiro have been exploring a range of items they may have seen in Anglo Saxon times and have had a go at making their own necklaces from homemade paper beads. The class also experimented dying wool with natural dyes.

Autumn Term

Autumn term has been a busy one, the children have taken part in lots of amazing things, the Gospel Choir, Planetarium, supported Children in Need, learnt CPR and made items to sell at the Christmas Craft Fayre. They have worked extremely hard  all term and here are a few photos:

Important dates


Outdoor PE – Monday afternoon

Indoor PE – Wednesday afternoon


Spellings – Monday


English homework in on Monday

Maths homework in on Thursday



Please check back regularly for more updates!