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Mindful Monday

😊 Happy Mindful Monday everybody! 👋






Can you believe it? This should have been our last week in Nursery together, before the Summer Holidays!


I thought this would be a great opportunity to have a look at growing-up.


Here are some pictures of the Nursery staff – but they look a little bit different!


Can you guess who they might be?






That’s right!






What changes do you notice?

- We got taller

- Our hair colour changed (some more than others!)

- Miss Bailey got glasses!


I want you to think about how you have already changed, since you were a baby (a baby photo of yourself and a mirror might help you to do this!)


 You have already changed so much since starting Nursery!


How do you think you might keep changing, as you grow up?


Draw a picture of how you think you might look when you grow up!


Remember – Grown-ups can have jobs as well! Think about what you might like to be when you grow up too!




It's not just people who change as they grow up - have a look at how much Mrs Colman's cheeky dog Rolo has changed as he has grown too! 



As always, let us know how you get on in the Class Blog!





People Who Help Us



In Nursery, we love to play and explore people who help us. Especially in the outdoor area, where we are always dressing up as police or fire officers


I’ve been thinking about the different types of people who help us, and how these people have changed a little bit in the past few months.

We always think about doctors, nurses, emergency service workers, vets and army personnel as the people who help us.

 Now I think we can also think about other ‘Key Workers’ too.


Can you think of any jobs that people do to help others?

How do they help?


Can you draw a picture, or make a model of one of these people, to show how they help others?


I have included some colouring pages, if you would prefer to colour, paint or collage instead!




🎉 Celebrating  Differences 🎉


Have you ever noticed – there’s no one else quite like you?


You are the only YOU –

and that is a very special thing to be.


Elmer Learnt that in this story:

Mrs Colman has uploaded a special video of herself reading Elmer just for you! 

Click the picture to go straight to the link in the Video Resource Center part of the website!


Think about the things that make you special:

Are you good at being creative?

Can you run faster, or jump higher than anyone else?

Can you share?

Can you make other people feel happy?

Do you always try your best?


Now think about another person – it could be someone in your family, or a friend from Nursery.

Do you think they are special?

Are they special in the same ways you are, or are they a little bit different?


It’s okay to not be the same as somebody else!


Being different means that we can share our experiences, and learn new things.





Sharing is Caring!


We know that sharing as good – it doesn’t only help you feel good, it can also help other people feel good too.


The Rainbow Fish learnt that.


Have a look at the video of Miss Bailey reading the story here:

Of course, if you have a copy of the book at home, you can always read it with a grown-up!


At first, Rainbow Fish didn’t want to share his special shiny scales, and that made the other fish sad. It also made Rainbow Fish sad, and he started to feel lonely, because the other fish didn’t want to play with him.

Octopus showed Rainbow Fish how he could help everyone feel happy, by sharing his special shiny scales.

At the end of the story, Rainbow Fish has lots of friends, and everyone is happy to have their own little special shiny scale. 


Can you think of time you have made other people feel happy by sharing something with them? Maybe you were in Nursery, and shared the construction blocks so you could build a tower together? Or perhaps you noticed someone who looked lonely, and you offered to share the toys you were playing with to help them feel better?


Is there a way you can share something at home? Maybe sharing your toys with your brother or sister? Or sharing some sweets (if you’re allowed them!) with your grown-ups?





What makes you happy?


Have a good think about the last time you felt really happy, what made you feel like that?

Can you draw a picture or make a model of the thing that made you feel happy?

Can you show a grown-up what your face did when you felt like this?

Can you draw a picture of yourself looking happy?


What makes other people happy?

How do you know when other people are happy? What do they do?

Have you ever made someone feel happy? How did you do it?


Miss Bailey has a challenge for you!

Today, it’s your job to make as many people as you can feel happy (including yourself!)





I have a challenge for you...

Can you help the grown-ups around your house?


Hmm, has being home with your grown-ups for so long made you realise how much they do? Grown-ups are always busy – but I think that there is something you can do to help!


🌟 Let’s become at home Tidy Stars! 🌟


Can you put away your toys when you have finished playing with them?

What about helping to load the washing machine with your dirty clothes?

Or helping choose a healthy meal to enjoy together. Maybe, if it’s safe and your grown-up lets you, you could help to make the meal you choose!


Don’t forget to share how helpful you have been on our Class Blog!


(Grown-ups! I have made a Tidy Star certificate you could give to your child - if they have been super helpful, of course!

You can just print and add their name!)

Tidy Star Certificate