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Wild West

             Welcome To The Wild West
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Hey there, partners! I hope you're all well and not working too hard, but for those of you keen to keep up with your learning, there are activities to do here on the Class page (as you can see below!) and there will be more to follow. Also, if you head on over to the Video Resource part of the website, you'll find stories - including a video of me, reading the Witches by Roald Dahl - and, very soon, a recording of the rest of Stormbreaker, so that you can find out what happens in the end (without having to watch the film!!).

Take care and stay safe,

Mr Abbott

Home learning during the Coronavirus


Hello Wild West


Please find below some more work to do in case you have run out but don't forget that you wouldn't normally be working during the Easter holidays so don't forget to have a rest and fun and eat Easter Eggs too!  There is work to print out and links for work to do online.  Hope you are all doing well and we get to see each other again before you leave.

Mr Abbott 





Hello, and welcome to the Wild West. Yeehaw!


It's the start of a new year and, for Year 6, an important one, not least because they have their Residential and End of School Production to look forward to - and that small matter of their SATs tests in May. No-one should be worried, though, because as well as all the hard work that goes into SATs, there's also time for a lot of fun. All of our lessons in the Wild West will be engaging and exciting (even Maths!) - we've already started by looking at the pioneers who crossed the Western Frontier and made their homes on the Great Plains of America, and had a visit from a real life cowboy (or, at the very least, a teacher in a hat).


So buckle up your saddles, put on your Stetsons and prepare yourselves for the greatest adventure you've experienced so far. It'll be hard work, and at times you might not be able to see the end of the track, but when it comes it will have been well worth the journey.




Mr Abbott and the Wild West Posse

Eden Camp (Autumn 2019)

As part of our World War 2 unit of work, we visited Eden Camp, a former prisoner of war camp which now houses a fascinating exhibition all about the Second World War. We learned about how people lived during the Second World War, about what life was like for the people who stayed in England, in cities, towns and villages, and how they lent their own skills to the war effort. We also learned what it would have been like to be affected by the war and how it changed many people's lives. 

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The Mayans

This term we are studying the ancient civilisation of the Maya, who lived in Mesoamerica around a thousand years ago. Do you know where Mesoamerica is? The children in Wild West class do! We are learning about this ancient civilisation, including where they could be found, how they lived and even if they are still around today. Perhaps you could spend a fun hour researching the Mayans and finding out any information that may add to what we are learning in school? When we return after the half term holidays, we will be looking at Mayan artefacts and making our own clay artefacts!

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