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Spring Term Focus Ideas


11.01.2021 – 15.01.2021




This week, we are welcoming back a lot of our Nursery friends.

Nursery was very strange without you all, and we still miss those of you who are still learning from home. We hope to see you all very soon!


In Nursery, we don’t just focus on learning things like phonics and numbers – we also develop our ‘Life Skills’

These are skills that we hope you can master before you head off to school. Don’t worry if you struggle with some of these, the grown-ups in Nursery can help, and you can practise them all at home with your grown-ups too!

We have put together a little list for you to work towards – we don’t expect you all to be masters at all of these straight away! They are just an idea of things that will help make you more independent smiley

Practice one or two every day for a week and see how you get on!


  I can't quite do this, yet I need a little help I can do this independently
- I can dress and undress myself      
- I can put on my coat      
- I can fasten my coat zip and/or buttons      
- I can put my shoes on (correct feet)      
- I can put on my gloves and hat      
- I can go to the toilet      
- I can wash my hands      
-I can brush my teeth      
- I can use a knife and fork      
- I can comb my hair      
- I can wash my body in the shower or bath      
- I can hold a pencil with tripod grip (3 fingers)      
- I can use scissors      
- I can tidy up      
- I can put my rubbish in the bin      
- I know my full name      
- I know who to contact in an emergency (999)      



Keeping a rhythm.

In phonics, we are investigating rhythm and rhyme.

A rhythm is a repeated pattern of sounds, and can be fast or slow.

Can you copy a rhythm?


Grown-ups, clap out a simple rhythm of 3 or 4 beats. (I find the ‘We Will Rock You’ clap, clap, pat (your knees) is usually a good place to start!)

Children, can you count how many beats there were? Were they fast or slow?

Now, can you copy that rhythm?


Keep going, keeping the same rhythm if it was tricky to copy, or mixing it up if it was easy.


Well done! You can copy a rhythm!

Now, can you keep the same rhythm going for 3 or 4 ‘rounds’?



Can you match a number of objects to its numeral?

Grown-ups, write the numbers 1-5 on separate pieces of paper (or challenge your child to!)

Can you find a number of items to match the number?

You might find one apple, two socks and so on.

You can use anything at all!


Challenge! Can you say what one more or one less will be?

What about working out how many objects you have all together, if you group you apple and socks (for example)

Encourage pointing to each item as you give it a number.



What is your favourite Nursery Rhyme?

Perhaps you could find something in your house to symbolise your favourite rhymes, and ask your grown-up to guess what it is! I wonder if they manage to guess it correctly!

Here’s a video of Mrs Wessels showing you her favourite Nursery Rhymes. Can you guess what they might be?



Making marks

Mark making is much more than just a scribble! Children learn and begin to make sense of the world through mark making. It is the beginning of a their journey towards writing, and is an important step in a child's development for handwriting, creativity and coordination.


It does not have to be with any form of pen, pencil or crayon – it could simply be with some washing up liquid on a surface or making marks in flour or sand.


Encourage mark making whenever possible (on suitable surfaces!) and remember – it doesn’t need to look like the thing your child says it is!

Try not to ask what they have drawn/created, and rather comment on the skills/colours they have used: “Oh wow, I can see you have used purple to make the circle shapes on your picture!”, for example.


04.01.2021 – 08.01.2021




Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Christmas break, and enjoyed it in the best way you could.

This is the beginning of the Spring Term – We love Spring time because it is when lots of new things happen. Over the next few weeks, we will be investigating all of these new things together!

We also have some new things happening in Nursery!

We are welcoming new friends into Nursery over the next few days, and we are welcoming Mrs Wessels and Miss Higgins into Nursery too! How lucky are we?!

This gave Miss Bailey a thought.

How can we be kind and helpful friends?

Have a chat with your grown-ups at home to discuss what it means to be a good friend.

You might want to draw a picture of yourself and your friends. If you do, we would love to see them on the Class Blog!



Let’s recap the Numicon we have learned so far (if you are new to Nursery – don’t worry!)

We can use Numicon to help us count, simply by counting the number of holes in the shape. They also have their own colours.

Have a go at making marks to represent each of the numbers on a piece of paper.

Can you put the numbers into the correct order?



Silly Soup!

Mrs Wessels has been looking around her house to make her very own Silly Soup!

Have a look at the video below to see how she makes her Silly Soup.

Can you find some things in your house to make your own version?

Remember! Tell your grown-ups what you have put into your soup – what do all of these words have in common? They should all rhyme!



Taking turns.

Sometimes, we can find taking turns tricky – especially when we are waiting for something particularly exciting like our turn in a game or on the slide!

When we play with others, we need to remember that everyone should be able to have an equal turn!

Have a go at playing some games at home to encourage turn taking. Board games are great for this (and fun too!)

Cooking or baking is another great way to encourage turn taking. For example, “I will crack the eggs into the mixture, then you can mix it up!”



It has been very chilly this week – we hope you have managed to play in the snow!

This made us think of snowy crafts you could make!

You could make your own snowflakes by folding paper and using scissors (supervised, of course!)

If that’s a little tricky for you (Miss Bailey struggles with this, she always cuts the wrong part of the paper and has lots of tiny snowflakes – fun, but a bit messy to clean up!) you could collage your own snowy picture. Tin foil, cotton wool, sequins and glitter are great to use for this! (Beware – glitter will go everywhere – use with caution!)