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Summer 2

Week Beginning: 5th July 2021

Friday 2nd July 2021


Good Morning Year 2!


Below you will find your work for today - as always just do your best and do what you can. It has been short notice for you so take your time with your tasks and we will keep our eyes on the blog if you want to share anything you have done. We know you are all experts at this now but any problems just let us know. 


We can't wait to see you soon,


Miss Mullett, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Fraser and Mrs Cornish



Mrs Fraser and Mrs Cornish's Phonics Class

Miss Mullett and Mrs Roberts Phonics Class

Miss Mullett and Mrs Roberts' Maths Class

If you think you might find half past a bit tricky - have a go at this task which just focuses on o'clock.

Afternoon Tasks


As we would usually be doing different lessons in our different classes - this afternoon we would like you to have a go at some challenges!


Can you -


  • Learn to tie your shoelaces?
  • Learn your 2, 5 and 10 times table? (Learn your 3's as an extra challenge) Hit the Button is a great online game to help you with this.
  • Read a book on GetEpic? Remember our class code is icj1644.
  • Help around the house - is there some tidying or sorting you could help your grown ups to do?
  • Look after your pet - Does it need a brush? Can you feed and water it? Does it's bed need cleaning? Can you teach it a new trick?


Golden Time


This afternoon would usually be Golden Time so choose your favourite game or activity and relax for a bit.


You have all worked so hard this week and deserve a well deserved rest.