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It's been a long half term settling into Koala Class and the Koalas have been working their socks off! We started off the new school year by learning about Koalas of course, as that's our class name. We moved on to learn about Australia and were lucky enough to Zoom call a school teacher over in Oz.

Our topic this half term has been SPACE! We have written some beautiful sentences about Belka and Strelka, the first dogs in space. We know lots of facts about Tim Peake, Helen Sharman and Yuri Gagarin. We looked at mixing colours to figure out which colours we would need to mix to paint our very own Smoo-Smed and we re-created Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night using oil pastels. Our homework was to make our very own rockets. They were AMAZING! (Shout out to all of the parents for helping the children create such wonderful designs.)

We will continue with our mission to explore everything there is to know about SPACE when we return from our half term break. Stay safe, 


Miss Brown x 

This term our topic is SPACE! We have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and looked particularly at his Starry Night painting. We recreated it using oil pastels.

Koalas have loved settling into their new classroom and discovering the areas of play in which they can continue to enhance their learning.






I’m Miss Brown! I have worked at Harrowgate Hill for 5 years as a Class Teacher in Year 5, Year 2 and Year 1. I am super excited to be working in Year 1 this year!