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Year 3 - India

 Welcome To India 


My name is Mrs Horne and I am the class teacher for India. I am so excited to work in year 3 with your children and explore lots of new and interesting topics. 


Autumn Term 

The Stone Age 

English book - The Stone Age Boy 

and How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth 


Spring Term

Darlington - Now and Then 

English book - Gangsta Granny 


Summer Term 

Ancient Egypt 

English book -The Egyptian Cinderella 

Class Notices


Things to remember each day:

Water bottle, Coat, Bag, Reading book, suitable school shoes.

Please could all personal items be named, thank you. 


Library day is Tuesday.

If your child has a library book at home please ensure it is returned each week. 


PE day is Monday AM 

Please send your child in their PE kit on this day, they should be wearing black joggers or shorts, house coloured t-shirt and trainers to take part in PE. Please ensure your child brings a water bottle. 

Durham Oriental Museum


We have started our new topic for summer with an exciting trip to the Durham Oriental Museum. We enjoyed looking at all of the ancient artefacts from those behind protective cases to the ones we got to hold. We had to become archaeologists and try to find out what some ancient artefacts did. 

We looked at a real mummy and even performed a dramatic recreation of the weighing of the heart ceremony. The pharaoh was questioned by the minor gods and judged by the major gods. However, it was decided that her heart was heavier than a feather and was sent to the land of the snakes and fire. If it was decided that her heart was lighter than a feather and was allowed through the right door into the afterlife.  

Children In Need 2023! 



The children in Year 3 focused on the catering industry learning about what they need to become chefs, porter, waiters etc. Here is a few photos from the week and the visitors we had. 

In Maths, this half term, we have been starting to look at addition and subtraction. In my set the children have been using base 10 and place value charts to help them with there learning. 

On Monday morning we were introduced to the story 'Twenty-One elephants' in assembly. We learnt about how the Brooklyn Bridge, in America, was built and how people were nervous about it holding weight. So, 21 elephants were led across it!



The children in Year 3 were challenged to build a bridge that would cross a 30cm gap, had diagonal struts and had a reflective element. Here is our work... planning designing creating and testing!



Stone Age Experience


On Monday 10th October, we were visited by 'Wilderness Outdoor Education' who delivered a 'Stone Age Experience'.


We explored a range of artefacts which ranged from the Stone Age, through the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. We could clearly see how they changed over time.


Noah - 'The spoons from the Iron Age was much more smooth than the one from the Stone Age'

Ella - 'They used lots of animal parts to make weapons and tools. They even used them to make clothes!'

Isaac - 'The rabbit fur was much softer than I thought it was going to be'




Then, we learnt about homes. In the Stone Age people were nomadic which meant they followed the herds of animals and needed to take their homes with them. In the Iron Age they used more wooden structures before becoming more sturdy buildings in the Bronze age where they farmed the animals rather than following them around.

We build our own Stone Age shelters.




We made our own Stone Age bread using flour, water and oil. We cooked this on sticks over the fire that we lit using flint. Some of the class even gave the taste 5 stars out of 5!




As the sun began to set, we gathered sticks and made a campfire. We had hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows, a BBQ (Sausages and Burgers) and sang some campfire songs. When you looked up you could see the HUGE moon and the stars were shining.

Alex - 'The best bit was that we got to stay up until it was dark, which was way past my bedtime!










This week we were so excited to talk to a real life scientist on zoom.

He spoke to us about the fossil he and his team had found in a range of countries, showing us the egg of an elephant bird. It was huge! He also took the time to answered our questions about rocks and fossils.  






In Topic we started to look at the time line of the Stone Age sequencing it in small groups, we also watched a range of videos to find out more information about the three time periods in the Stone Age. 






We have been working hard in maths using lots of manipulatives to help us with our working out. 

The children were excited to explore 'How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth'.

They were able to act out, freeze frame and decided where was best to wash a mammoth.







This week we will be writing instructions and giving handy hints and tips on how to wash your own woolly mammoth.  

In Topic we have started to explore the Stone Age.

The children have looked at what a primary and secondary source of information is.