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In Maths we will be learning about the number 6.

Watch the Numberblock episodes from Series 1 below all about 6 – episode 8. They are also available on BBC IPlayer.

Episode 8 ‘Six’ –

In school we will be exploring number 6. Please look through the ‘All about Number 6’ PowerPoint (below) and work through it with your child.


We will also be ordering numbers, write these digits (one on each piece of paper up to 6) and put them in order from 0-6.

 Find out:  What is 1 more and 1 less than 6?


Practise writing the number 6.                                                                            

Say the rhyme to help you form the numeral:

“Slide down his tail, under his nose, nearly there so strike a pose.”


Can you add up to 6?

Collect some objects around your home. Can you use the objects to make 6? Is there more than 1 way to make 6? How many different ways can you make 6?  


Now can you double numbers up to 6?

You could use some dice to help you double

Sing the doubling song to help you.