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People and Communities (UW)

People and Communities covers the previous aspects ‘Time’, ‘Place’ and ‘Communities’. It encourages children to talk about past and present events in their own lives and the lives of family members.  Children learn about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and between families, communities and traditions.


Think about the jobs different people do and what skills they will need. What will they need to be really good at? What are you really good at? Maybe you could pretend to be a superhero and your special power could be your amazing skill!

Research different occupations –  Have you ever been to the doctors or the dentist? What is their job? Do they wear a uniform? How do they make you feel?

Have a look at some animals in Edinburgh zoo – if you time it right you can watch the zoo keepers feeding them! How is this job different to others?


Talk about a special time at home or in nursery that you can remember. Describe it to your family, you could even draw a picture of it!

Look at photographs and memories and talk about them. Do you all look the same? How are you different? Maybe use them to make a scrapbook to remember different memories or different people!

Create role play situations – maybe you miss being able to go to the shop so why not collect some items out of your cupboards and make your own shop? You could sell food, clothes or even your toys!

Talk about the traditions that you may have in your house - maybe you celebrate Christmas by having Christmas eve boxes, or have a cheeky elf that always visits you. Maybe you decorate the tree a certain way or have certain family members you always visit. You might give out Easter eggs or do an Easter egg hunt each year. Or maybe you celebrate your birthday a certain way?

Extend this, and think about traditions around the world. They might celebrate differently? Or eat different foods? Or wear different clothes? We have recently learnt about Chinese New Year and how this differed from out New Year celebrations.