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Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 Home Learning Page 2021-22


Spring  Home Learning -  Class of 2021.


Welcome back to our Home Learning page.


Just like a normal day in school, you should aim for your daily  mathematics session from the folder of your maths teacher, one English session and one other topic of your own choice every day.  Try to read at least one chapter of your book - even better if you could read with someone or chat to them about what you are reading. 


If you want to share any of the work you've been doing at home with your teacher (because we're always really keen to see how well you're doing), create a Blog post and attach your work to the Blog. Your teachers will be watching and will let you know just how excellent the work is!


Weekly Timetable

Hi Everyone,


In school on Monday the 9th November,  we will be having our World War 2 Day.  Those children who are in school can come into school dressed in WW2 style clothing and they will be taking part in WW2 style activities in their classes.  Those of you who are working from home can access the activities through the home learning site - it is the WW2 Day Icon and please feel free to dress up too!   If you can, it would be great if you could share on your blog what you got up to at home on our WW2 day.



The Year Six Team





Firstly I would like to point you in the direction of the Oak Academy. 


Here you will find a wealth of video lessons focused at each year group and stage of learning.  You could choose any lesson from the range of Key Stage 2/ Year 6 lessons -  but be systematic and finish a topic before moving on.



Hey Year 6,

So today is our last day, gosh it does not seem like 2 mins ago  you were starting in Year 6.  It has most certainly been the strangest year I have ever experienced, but here we are at the end of it and we are all still smiling.


I hope you all have an amazing summer and you are able to do lots of fun things.  Lots of luck (I am sure you won't need it though) for starting your Secondary Schools, remember to aim high and you will achieve your dreams but most of all,

be magical, be wonderful and BE YOURSELVES!


Hopefully I will see you all soon.

Mrs Brown heartsmiley


Mindfulness 15.7.2020

Still image for this video

Good Morning Year 6,


Well today is the start of our last week of our 'Home Learning.'  This is is both a happy and sad time for us all; happy that you are moving onto another adventure and sad that we won't see you all everyday, but I am sure we will see you all again very soon.  Even when you have moved onto your new schools we love to hear about your adventures and what you are getting up to.


I hope everyone has a great last week.


Mrs Brown smiley

What is Natural Selection?

Support Stated Clearly on Patreon: Special thanks to Rosemary at Bird and Moon Comics for supplying a handful of the cr...

Science Video 1

Still image for this video

Hi Year 6,


It was great to see you on our 'Zoom Call' last night, I hope those who joined us enjoyed it too.


So we are at the end of another week, I hope you have all been enjoying the work on here, I am really enjoying our Topic about 'Crime and Punishment' I didn't realise it was so interesting, why don't you let everyone know what has been your favourite fact on the school blog?


Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Brown smiley

Hi Year 6,


Don't forget about our 'Zoom Call' tonight, check with your parents and Parentmail for all the details.


Hope to see you all there.


Mrs Brown smiley

Hey Year 6,


Today I have an 'Art Challenge' for you.


Can you create a picture in the style of 'Banksy'?  Use all the knowledge that you have about his style, you might want to use the stencil you created last week in your picture.  When you have completed your picture (this might take quite a while though) could you upload it to your Blog?


Good luck with your challenge.


Mrs Brown smiley

Mindfulness Video

Still image for this video

Good Morning Year 6,


Well, we are moving ever closer to the summer holiday, only one more week after this one and it looks like the weather is going to get better.  It was sooo windy yesterday, did anyone go out to fly kites? 


Our Maths is a little bit different this week - it's really exciting.  You have project do to!!  I have added all the information that you will need to complete the project today, so you won't see new maths work everyday this week - good luck with the project and I hope you are successful.  


Don't forget, for those of you who are able, we have a Zoom call on Thursday, check out Parentmail for more details.


Hope you enjoy the maths project and keep smiling.


Mrs Brown smileywink

Copy of Charles Darwin ( The Man Who Changed The World )

Text: In 1859, one man changed the world forever. He was Charles Darwin. Part1: The Breakthrough He was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England on 12 Februar...

Science Video 1 (6.7.2020)

Still image for this video

Mindfulness (Week 4) 1.7.2020

Still image for this video

Rainforest Deforestation and its Effects

This video describes the causes and effects of deforestation particularly in the Amazon. It also includes information about rainforest's in general.

Good Morning Year 6,


Welcome to another week on our Home Learning Page.


Wasn't it hot last week?  I don't think that it is going to be like that this week though - hasn't the weather been strange, hot one minute and then rain and storms the next.  Have any of you been keeping a diary through lock down? It could be a piece of history in the making, as this is most certainly the strangest summer I have experienced.


I hope that you are enjoying all the work that is being set on here, I have been reading the Blogs over the weekend and it would be great if you could put some of your work on there.  Have lots of you being doing Mrs Adamson's daily challenge?  There has certainly been some interesting challenges to do.


Have a great week everyone, and keep smiling.

Mrs Brown smileysmiley

Hey Year 6,


I thought some of you might be missing music lessons, so why don't you give this a try?


You may be interested to know that Durham Music Service will be live streaming music lessons on our You Tube channel starting on Monday 29th June.  They will be at 1.30 every day, as follows:
Mondays - whole class singing
Tuesdays - Tiny Fingers (music for Early Years)
Wednesdays - Ukulele and singing
Thursdays - Rhythm and musicianship
Fridays - Little Fingers (music for EYS and KS1)

You'll be able to find out more about each session by looking at the videos that are on our YouTube site from the last few weeks.
     Durham Music - YouTube
To support Music making at home and within schools at this time we will upload exciting videos every day to support the music making and well being that musi...


Mindfulness Video - Week 3

Still image for this video

The Lady of Shalott (for children)

My rendition for one of Lord Alfred Tennyson's well-known poems, The Lady of Shalott

Good Morning Year 6,


Here we are in another week, and it looks like it is going to be a sunny one smiley.


There are lots of new lessons on our Home Learning Page this week, and don't forget that if you want copies of worksheets, your parents can come and collect them from school today (22.6.2020).  Hopefully  having the option of Powerpoint or PDF will help you to be able to access information much more easily. Don't forget to check out the Year 6 Blog, there are lots of lovely messages on there and it would be great to see some of the things you have been working on.  As well as the blog, there is the 'Daily Challenge' on the schools Facebook page for you to check out.


Have a great week and keep smiling,


Mrs Brownsmiley

Science Video 22.6.2020

Still image for this video

Hey Guys,


I have uploaded all of the Power Points for this week in PDF form, as some of you may find the PDF easier to view.  Next week there will be a Power Point and PDF everyday with your work.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Brown smiley

Art - Banksy Week 2 - PDF

Crime and Punishment Week 1 - PDF

Transition Activities 19.6.2020

Hi Everyone,


I have just added a document called 'Museum of Kindness', this contains information for you and an internet link to access the website.  The website has lots of good ideas on and there is a competition on there too.




Mrs Brown smiley

Museum of Kindness

Mindfulness Video Number 2

Still image for this video

English 17.6.2020

Good Morning Year 6,


Here we are again at the beginning of another week.  There is lots for us do do this week on our Home Learning Page, we will start our super exciting topic on Crime and Punishment, and our English work is going to link in with this too smiley.  There is also a new Science Topic this week looking at Evolution and Inheritance which is really interesting.  Have you all been checking out the School Blog??  I saw some pictures of some amazing work on there yesterday, maybe you could upload some pictures of the work you have been doing smiley


I hope you all have a great week and you enjoy the work that is on here.


Mrs Brown wink


Science Video

Still image for this video

Transition Work 12.6.2020

English 12.6.2020

English 11.6.2020


Still image for this video

Good Morning Year 6,


Our Home Learning will change a little today.


Maths and English will be uploaded daily to reflect the work that is being done in school, rather than in a whole week block, and we will be starting the new 'topics' as well.


Hope you enjoy our new topics and keep smiling. smileysmileysmiley

Hi Year 6,

Welcome another to another week, this will be another different week as some of you return to school and some of you continue with home learning.


Hope you all have a great week, and I will be thinking of you all.


Mrs Brownsmiley

Quiz Answers

Hey Year 6!


I have added little 'Friday Fun Quiz' for you today, some of you might like to ask some of your family for some help - even your little brothers or sisters! Hope you enjoy it and I will put the answers up on Monday for you.


Mrs Brown laugh

Topic Work June 1st

RE Power Point 1st June

Grammar Week 1 - Answers - No Peaking!!

English Comp Answers - No peaking!!

English Comp Week 1

English 1st June

Maths 1st June

The author of 'Harry Potter', J.K. Rowling, is offering you (and every other child in the world) the chance to illustrate her new story, 'The Ickabog'!


How exciting would it be to be one of the chosen children, whose work will be published in November, when the new book is released all over the world!?!?!


If you think you have what it takes to provide illustrations for a new J.K. Rowling book, then head on over to the Ickabog website, read the story and see if you can provide one of the pictures that she is asking for!


Follow the link below for full details. Good luck!