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Be a Bucket Filler

                                               What is a Bucket Filler?
The idea of being a Bucket Filler is based on the idea that everybody (adults and children alike!) carries an invisible bucket around with them, all day, every day. The bucket represents our emotions/feelings and is affected by our everyday experiences. So, for example, when lots of things happen which make us feel good, our bucket becomes full (of positive emotions) and when things happen to us, which make us feel less great, our bucket becomes less full. Negative experiences and feelings 'dip' from our buckets. Life is all about balancing this and keeping your bucket as full as possible - but it's not all about just focussing on your own bucket, because by filling other people's buckets, you top your own up, too!

Click below to watch a video of Carol McCloud reading her stories about 'Bucket Filling.'