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Welcome to Wallaby!


Important Information:


PE Day: Thursday

Library Day: Wednesday

School reading books and a water bottle must be brought into school every day.


Hello, my name is Miss Mullett and I am the very proud teacher of Wallabies. Here in Year 2, we explore some very interesting topics. These are:


  • Mini Topic - New Zealand
  • Autumn Term - Journeys
  • Spring Term - Amazing Africa
  • Summer Term - The Scented Garden


On this page, you will find pictures and examples of the amazing work we do at HHPS. 

We will add more throughout the year so keep looking back to see what we have been up to!


Summer: The Scented Garden

Wow! What an exciting way to start our new topic. On Thursday 5th May we visited Low Barns in Bishop Auckland to go mini-beast hunting and pond dipping. We were looking at their habitats including the plants that we could see. We couldn't believe how many wonderful creatures we found. Two of us even caught a fish! We couldn't wait to come back to school to write a re-count all about our day using word banks we had created throughout the day.

Spring: Amazing Africa

We explored the continents and oceans of the world using atlases, globes and maps before creating our very own globe using a balloon! 

PE- Hockey

In Spring, we focused on Hockey. We tried really hard to make sure we were holding the hockey stick correctly and looking around us when we were moving with the ball. We found it a bit tricky but we were resilient and didn't give up!

Wow! What a fantastic day! Can you guess which word we are?

Exploring Capacity

African Silhouette Art

Good to be Green Treat - Games Afternoon!

As a special reward for staying green all half term we had a games afternoon. We loved it and discovered some new games we had never played before - we made a request to keep some of them for our next golden time too!

Nelson Mandela Art

After learning all about Nelson Mandela we created a joint piece of art work together. We were so impressed with it that we displayed it in our classroom all term. We found Mandela's life story really interesting and it gave us a fantastic chance to talk about our school values. 


We have been looking at patterns in music (that's called a rhythm!). We started by creating our own using coloured counters to play with musical instruments then we used different resources on Chrome Music Lab to make another pattern. As you can see - we loved doing this and listening to each others composition. 

Fruit Salad Making

Visits from the Dentist

In Science and Jigsaw we have been learning all about keeping ourselves healthy. We had a visit from the dentist who told us how to keep our teeth clean and why it is important. We also had a delicious healthy snack of fruit salad which we loved. We enjoyed being able to try new fruits and choosing which ones we wanted to try.

Baking African Lime Cake

What a delicious way to end our African topic!

Easter Fayre

Have a look at the Easter Bonnets we created for the Easter Fayre!

Mini Topic Autumn (All About Wallabies)


This week we have been working towards writing a fact file all about our class animal - the wallaby! 

Exploring Non-Fiction Texts

First, we explored non-fiction texts to see if we could spot any of the features. We looked for titles, pictures, facts, sub-headings and information in sections. We learned all about the difference between a fiction and non-fiction text. 

Retrieving Information

Then, we worked in teams to find facts about wallabies that Miss Mullett had hidden around the room! We had to decide whether our fact would go in the section about what wallabies eat, where wallabies live or what wallabies look like. Miss Mullett saw some fantastic teamwork. 

Finally, we wrote our wallaby fact file using everything we had learned this week. We made sure to include our 'Year 2 Writing non-negotiables'. Miss Mullett was so impressed with our hard work and dedication to writing a fantastic piece of work. 

Autumn - Journeys

The Opening of the Stockton to Darlington Railway

We have been learning all about George Stephenson and the Stockton to Darlington Railway. We first found out about him and his life and then we thought about the opening day. We talked about how only certain people were allowed on the train on the opening day. Did you know only 18 people were on board on that very famous journey?


We loved our hot seating activity where one of us role - played as either George Stephenson, an invited passenger or a member of the community that would not afford a ticket. 


We asked questions like:

  • How did you feel going on the first journey?
  • What did the train look like - was it shiny and new or did it look old?
  • How did it feel to not be able to get a ticket?

All about Place Value

Which is the most suitable material to make an umbrella out of?

In Science, we are learning all about 'Materials'. We have been set the challenge of finding a suitable material to make an umbrella out of for our teddy. First, we needed to explore the materials before we could make a prediction to our question. We were especially interested in the glass because we knew it was waterproof but knew it would break if we dropped it on a windy day! So we had to look for other properties other than just waterproof. 

The Ultimate Guided Reading Challenge

Miss Mullett hid questions around the room which we had to find and then answer using the text we have been reading this week! It was a huge challenge and we had to use teamwork to answer them all.

Baking a Harvest Loaf

In RE we have been learning all about Harvest. Last week, we had a visit from Father Paul who told us all about the harvest loaf that is shared in church so we decided to have a go at making it ourselves. It was delicious!

Coding with Beebots

In our Topic lessons we have been learning all about Amelia Earhart and her final journey. We used this learning in our Computing lesson to create an algorithm that would make our Beebot go on the journey that Amelia had intended. We had to create an algorithm and de-bug our code if we ended up in the wrong place. We were so proud of ourselves when we finally achieved the challenge!

Judo Dan visited us to help us with our Active 30:30 challenge! We had so much fun and learnt all about how to keep safe when doing activities like Judo. Some of us even joined his club out of school after enjoying it so much!

Wellbeing Breakfast

What a special treat!

This week, we had breakfast and hot chocolate delivered to our classrooms as part of a special wellbeing morning. It was so lovely to have breakfast together as a class and be able to spend some time chatting to each other before we began our day. 

Making Our Own Vehicles

In DT, we were given the challenge of making our own vehicles with a working axel. First, we explored existing products by looking at toy vehicles and discussing what we liked and disliked about them. It also gave us the chance to see how the axel works in real life!

Then, we were given dowel and wheels to work out how we would make our own axel. 

Next, we had to mark on the dowel where we wanted to cut so that they would be the correct size for the box we chose. Then, we used real saws to saw the dowel. We had to make sure we were being safe by being careful about where our thumbs were and wearing our safety goggles. Some of us found it really tricky but we didn't give up. Miss Mullett was very proud of our sawing skills!