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Have some fun with ice. Make sure an adult helps with this and if playing with ice watch out for ice burns, put some gloves on to avoid.


  • Put a small toy in a pot and cover with water. Put it in the freezer and when frozen how your child can get it out of the ice? (They could melt it somewhere warm, chip at the ice with something hard etc)
  • Make some ice cubes. Take them out of the freezer when frozen. How quick can you melt them? How can you keep them frozen (tip wrapping them up can actually help!)
  • Make ice decorations by collecting leaves or other items, putting in a pot with water and freezing. If you put string in when it freezes you can hang up outside and watch it melt.
  • Make a flat tray of ice. Drip paint onto and make an icey picture. Try adding salt to it too and see if that makes patterns (doesn’t always work!!)