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Welcome to Penguin's page. 


Teacher (Key Worker) - Miss Chapman  Teaching Assistant - Miss White





We have been learning about growth this half term. We have looked at plants and how they grow. We have planted beans and made Grassheads. 

Our Grassheads have grown so much! We were very excited to see which was the tallest. 

We looked at different ways of measuring and comparing our Grassheads. Oliver's was the tallest! 



We have had a very egg-citing week! 

12 eggs were delivered to our school. We could hear the chicks cheeping inside! It was so exciting! 

We loved watching the eggs begin to crack and found it very interesting to watch the chick begin to hatch. 


We have loved climbing in the forest garden!

Pancake Day


We followed a recipe and made pancakes. They were delicious! Yum! 



The children had an amazing day celebrating reading! 

We took part in lots of different reading activities. Every time there was a chime we had to Stop, Drop and Read. We also got to read with children from the Rio class in Year 5. The children loved this and we are hoping to continue this shared reading in our future library slots.


Check out our costumes below: 

Show Time: 


We have been making our puppets in the workshop. The children have made people, superheros, 'Ninja Turtles', and lots of other amazing puppets. 

The children really wanted to make a show using their puppets. We found a puppet show unit and began to make our own shows. 

The children have decided that next week, they would like to make posters and tickets for their shows. 

We had lots of fun exploring the snow outside. We wrapped up warm and enjoyed making snow angels and snow balls. We are hoping for even more snow so that we can use our sledges! 


This term we have started PE lessons. We have learnt different ways of moving and have been on a 'bike surprise'. We have really enjoyed it and can't wait for our next adventure! 





Penguins were so excited to go on their first school trip to the Hullabaloo Theatre. They all thought the show was great! 

Christmas Concert - 11th December 2018 

We have loved learning all of our songs and lines for the Christmas Concert. We worked really hard and performed two amazing shows. 

Thank you all so much for coming to watch us! 

We have had an amazing first term at school. We have loved exploring numbers and learning to read and write. This term we have been particularly interested in dinosaurs and building structures using Lego and big blocks.