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Welcome to Drama Club!


In this club we take some budding thespians and show them how to tread the boards!


We begin with working on a range of skills to help build characters. We explore the use of voice and body language to help communicate ideas to an audience. Through practical games, children learn to apply these skills in more improvised contexts so they are able to remain in character whatever should happen in the performance.


Once children feel more confident, we put our skills into action. Children start to familiarise themselves with a script and learn how to read cues and use stage directions to not only help their position on stage but also build their characters. We look for opportunities in the script to make our characters believable and able to interact with other performers seamlessly.


This year, Drama Club focussed on an interpretation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. We spent many weeks building absurd characters and using melodrama to add to the wacky yet wonderful personalities each of the characters add to the piece.


Here are some pictures of our actors preparing for their performance. 'We're all mad here!'