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We have been to Kingswood and have had a BRILLIANT time!

Everybody tried their very best to push themselves and certainly left their comfort zone very firmly behind.




A job well done!



Summer is Here!

 Welcome Back to Summer 2021.


What will the next term bring I wonder?


For sure we will work hard - we always do.  In addition we will have some assessments to check against where we are now and what we need to do over the next few weeks before you move on up to your next school.   Exciting times ahead.



You will hear this word used many times over the coming term.  This word is used to describe the many  activities and conversations we will be having in order to make sure your journey from Y6 to Y7 is as smooth and worry free as we can possibly make it. 


Exciting times indeed...

The Strangest Spring Term EVER!

Once we got back to work we found that school life could go on just as it had before we left.

We continued with our Charitable events.

Rainbow Day and Comic Relief.  Oh dear, I wish we had tidied the classroom up first!


Well we made it through Lockdown 3.0 and got back to the classroom before Easter.  It was looking a bit uncertain there for a bit but I am happy that we all made it back before the two week break.


Some have found it so easy to come back and some really struggled.  To be honest everyone has had 'wobbly days' trying to get back into work mode.  But with our usual good humour and 'can do' attitude, nothing is beyond our capabilities it seems.


We spent our first week on our creative Recovery Curriculum which really helped.


There were many useful books to start us thinking about our own situations and helped us look at our own well-being.


This poem was all about the positive messages we could take from the Lockdown times if we want to.


We talked about being brave.

We thought carefully about our worries and decided which were ours to keep and which to just let go.  And of course we had fun making Worry Monsters.



Well, what with adding learning to the webpage every week and checking the Blogs, I feel that I have neglected to post on our class page as often as I can.  So to put that right my little stars here are some fab pics from this term.

Enjoy - see if you can find yourself.  If you can't let me know and we can add some more.

Welcome to Hollywood - Home of the Stars




My name is Mrs Godfrey and I am proud to be the class teacher for Hollywood Class.


What an exciting time it is to be sure.  I am certain that we will have some amazing times ahead of us and lots of fabulous challenges to overcome. I am so excited to find out what this year brings.


To start us off we will be sharing this wonderful book.  It is our class book for this week and perhaps next as well.



Together we can explore some fundamental ideas to help us make sense of our world and feel good about ourselves.



As well as washing our hands - a lot! We will be mindful of keeping each other and ourselves safe.


May I remind all pupils that we have PE every Tuesday afternoon so need to arrive at school in our PE kit.  Black joggers, black hoodie and House T shirt as well as trainers. 


So... all aboard for an amazing Class of 2021.






Sadly, we can not hold our Meet The Teacher sessions in person this term.

I have put together an information PowerPoint which I hope will give you a basic introduction to our class and some useful information about our classroom, learning and weekly organisation.


Our Topic

This term we are learning all about one of the most talked about times in Modern British History -  World War 2,  and the part that ordinary people played during these turbulent times.

This week we have started to look at how the war affected children and families.  


We are going to learn about the life of an evacuee.  


If we were going to dress up like children in the 1940's we might be able to do it using clothes we already have in our wardrobes - things really have not changed so much in some respects. 


Here are some images of what you might look like dressed as an evacuee.