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Welcome Dingoes!

A big hello from Mrs Fraser and Mrs Marsden! We are so excited to have you back in school and can't wait for this years adventure. There are lots of wonderful topics for us to explore and learn about. We will be adding lots of photos to our page throughout the year so everyone can see what we have been up to.  




Scented Garden

Wow! We have been having lots of fun planning and beginning to construct our 'Fairy Garden'. The children have been growing their own herbs and designing colourful, clay flowers to add to our garden. We can't wait to design and research a landing area for the fairy during the next half term! Watch this space for updates!

As you will know from our home learning, our topic this term is Africa. We have been up to lots of exciting things since returning to school! 


We have been creating artwork of an African scene using silhouettes and oil pastels. We were really pleased with them and the children worked hard! 

Did you know they make lime cake in Africa?  We thought it was yummy! 
We have been busy this week in school doing a lot of our Recovery Curriculum. The children have settled back in well and are picking up classroom routines again... well done! 

Party Time!

The children have been practising their performance and singing outside. The children have fully embraced singing outside with their warm clothing. We think they have missed singing! We can't wait to put the whole show together! 

What have we been up to? 

We have been coding BeeBots. The children having been learning all about algorithms and how to 'debug' the Beebots. The children have had lots of fun doing this! 
In maths the children have been deepening their understanding of 2 digit numbers to support them with addition and subtraction. They have all been working super hard! Well done! 

The children have been trying their hand at 'Mini Teachers'. The children have thoroughly enjoyed leading lessons and their own learning.

The children have been so engrossed in the texts we have been exploring in literacy. They have particularly loved ‘Ocean meets Sky’ and the beautiful illustrations the book has. The children have been acting out scenes to support them with their writing.

Ocean meets Sky

The children have been enjoying their PE lessons outside with Miss Dunnabie. It has been great to see the children active during lessons! 

All about Dingoes

Dingoes are closely related to wolves, some are wild and some are kept as pets (although some places don’t like you to have them as pets)!


Dingoes have owl-like abilities! They have extremely good eyesight and can swivel their heads 180!

Just like humans, dingoes have rotating wrists. This allows them to use their paws like hands to catch prey.

Meet the teacher!