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Two more games to play today:



Using the flashcards choose a few that your child needs to practise.

Put them around a room / garden.

Play some music and when you stop the music say the sound and they have to stand by the correct single sound/digraph.

You can swap and your child can be teacher and check you get the right flashcard!


Full Circle

The aim of this game is to make the first word using the flashcards and then by changing one letter at a time work through the list of words until you are back where you started!

Game 1

You need the following flashcards: f t p c n a

Words to make: fat, pat, cat, can, pan, fan, fat

Game 2

You need the following flashcards – s r b o i u a ng ck

Words to make: song, sing, ring, rung, sung, sang, bang, back, sack, sock, sick, song