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500 Words


Get your creative juices flowing and release your inner David Walliams by entering HHPS’s 500 word competition!

Write a short story of no more than 500 words, and be in with a chance of winning 100 House Points for your House, as well as having your story published on the school website so everyone can see your amazing talent (with permission granted, of course).

What adventure can you take us on? The only limit is your imagination!

Ask your class teacher for a handy guide to help you along your way, if you find yourself with ‘writers block’.

We look forward to reading your amazing work!



And the winners are...!


1st - Grace W, J11

Internal Fire

Long ago, a tropical island laid upon the seabed. The land was at peace and above the cloudy seas, birds swarmed over the air and, through the mist, ghostly figures were seen. Closer, closer, closer they came, claws dragging along the mud bed floor, teeth like spears to chop through flesh, eyes like fire in a raging storm and wings like swords of fury; but yet so gentle and kind.


Among the gusty trees, past rivers and seas, a human baby cried out, and, though it echoed through the stream, no one heard her, 

Except one creature had heard her. It soared through the sky, and the mighty beats of its wings sent shockwaves through the chaos of the jungle. This monstrous creature was a dragon, and soothed the child with his demonic melody. The child was lost, and wriggled with fear, the dragon flew through the volcanic and remote land and took the child to his nest. 

The nest was known as 'Dragon's Peak', and above the clouds it settled and towered over the lands with rock the size of elephants tumbling to bedrock floors.


10 Years Later.. 

Evanie was the child's name. She was a challenging girl, and loved like of Dragon's Peak. She loved the sounds of the mighty waves crashing against the horn-like rocks, and the sound of wings raging upon the cloudy seas. Though, ,what the girl loved most was the crackling of fire and the flow of ghastly smoke. Evanie had a connection with the dragons but not in a family or friend type of way. It was more like... she was a dragon.


One night, Evanie got angry. Her eyes were like balls of fire, her teeth grew sharp and she grew horns like blazing flames which illuminated the room with a soft, orange glow. She fell to the floor in agony as Vulcan (the dragon which had saved her) looked in shock. A beat of drums was heard in the distance and cascaded through the lands, these were the drums of war.


Vulcan had been training Evanie the ways of battle and she was ready. She took one last look at the cave painting of the past battles. Each brushstroke had been carefully laid - and with each brushstroke, death was sudden. She flew off with Vulcan as her ride into battle, but there was one question that sprung to mind...

Who was she battling?


On the battlefield

Evanie and Vulcan looked around. Death and despair was in the air, and the landscape was nothing but a distant memory...


What was that noise? 


Closer and closer the thuds came until the Mega Beast was in sight He was dragon with a heart of pure stone and eyes like a lost void. 

People and warriors went down like dogs.

Evanie couldn't take it, she turned into a dragon and her wings pounded in front of the beast.

The fire raged over people and with a bang, Evanie punched its evil heart, knocking the Mega Beast into a forever coma.


Now the land was at peace.


Legend has it that Evanie and Vulcan are still out there, watching out for us...


The End.


2nd - Oliver H, Pandas

Lost in Starga


Chapter 1 - Henry

Henry was a little boy who wanted to go to space and be a spaceman. He almost loves space as much as he loves Oreo (his pet lizard). He is a very nice and kind boy and is well known for his spikey brown hair and lime green eyes. He doesn't do well in school. HE finds Maths and English very hard, but he loves Science. Probably because he is always dreaming about space.


Chapter 2 - Henry's Rocket

Henry has begun staying up every night secretly, to build a rocket. The rocket wasn't very big, but it was safe enough for space. Henry made his rocket using steel and nuts from his garage, and he painted his rocket red and blue, because those are his favourite colours. He got some food and water ready for the journey, and of course he couldn't forget his best friend, Oreo. What would happen if he didn't meet anyone? Henry would have no-one to talk to. Henry was amazed by his rocket.


Chapter 3 - Take Off!

"I think it's time!" thought Henry. Today was the day that he goes to space, Henry excitedly jumps out of bed. He gets his spacesuit, and they hop into the rocket. He straps Oreo and himself in and prepares to press the big, red, smooth button. Henry sets his Mum's egg timer for the countdown, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.." Henry closes his eyes and shouts "Blast off!"

His rocket really works!

It shakes through the Earth's atmosphere into an alien spaceship, bounces off Saturn's rings and through a blackhole. Henry spots a new planet and decides to take a closer look, but suddenly something happens. His rocket crash lands on the planet!


Chapter 4 - Starga

The new planet was very mysterious. Henry thought it looked like a wasteland, and gave Oreo a worried look. The water was green and wavy, suddenly he heard something rustling through the purple, floating leaves. A robot-type creature appeared and anything would help right now. Then Henry realises that this creature talks.

"My name is Clankton and I am here to help, ask me anything" he said in a monotone voice. 

Henry was amazed, Oreo thinks Clankton was suspicious. Henry is fascinated.

"What is this planet called?" asked Henry.

"Starga." replied Clankton.


After exploring Starga for 2 days, Henry thinks he should build a treehouse, so he collects resources for a base.

He sees some type of bug, this bug had purple wings that glow.

Henry starts building his base and stashes some berries for dinner.


Chapter 5 - How do I get home?

Three years later, Henry is getting bored. Henry and Oreo are starting to feel worried. Henry has an idea, "Oreo, we should fix the rocket!" Henry shouts, excitedly. 

They try, but are unable to fix it.

"Clankton, are you able to fix it?" asks Henry.

Clankton tries, but is also unable to. 

"I think we are staying here." says Henry in a worried voice. 


Henry thinks about all of the fun he has had over the past three years.

Maybe living in Starga isn't the worst thing that could happen.


The End


3rd - Linus E, Peru


This is it. 50,000 robots against 50,000 unicorns led by Dave, white as a ghost with lashing rainbow hair waving in the wind. His gorgeous, smooth swirling horn glistening in the morning sun, black hooves clean as a whistle. Everything was silent. Until "3,2,1 ATTACK!" Dave shouted at the top of his lungs.


The battel was fierce. All were dead except handfuls of each team. The unicorns charged up their death lasers...


Meanwhile, a few hundred meters from the battlefield, the creators of the robots (five businessmen) were arguing over the flavour of donuts they had bought.

"I wanted cream filled." one said.

"I wanted pink icing." stated another.


Unfortunately, the unicorns' death laser had missed, ,and all of the unicorns were killed. (Except Hunter who ran away in the middle of the battle and did not get targeted.)


But Dave didn't go to Heaven. All he wanted was battle. But he didn't go to Hell either!

He awoke in a mysterious place of nothing. In the distance, there was a pink light!

Like a moth to a flame, he was strangely attracted to this object. Then he noticed that it had wings! IT was not a light, it was a pixie!


While this was happening, the evil businessmen discovered the best donut of them all! THE PINK OREO DONUT! But they were then interrupted by their army saying they have won. 

"Engage stage 2," their leader announced, "buying the universe from God. Mwahaha"


Back to Dave. When Dave approached the pixie, it seemed to awake and speak to him.

"Hello pitiful mortal, I am Bob, God of pixies, life and biscuits -"

Before he could continue, Dave immediately asked a lot of questions.

"Where am I? Am I dead? And, I'm hungry, can I have a biscuit?"


Then he was teleported, even though he was getting tired of being teleported around all the time. Once is enough, he thought. All around him he saw the old battlefield. He looked down to see his own body! He ran to the businessmen nto find himself almost killed by a phoenix's fire ball. Then, in his head, he heard Bob say "be kinder" Upon hearing this, he instantaneously whined as he wanted to get revenge. But what he didn't know was that Bob's power couldn't kill.


Dave then made an army by complementing people and learning a lot more about them. He even got his best friend ever, Hunter. "You are really fast." and "your arms are very strong" are just some of his complements. Using this, he hears everyone's ups and downs so he could out them in the army accordingly. The loud and strong distract, while the sneaky and techy sneak into the businessmen's base.


All was going well until Dave's best mate, Hunter, betrayed him. It turns out he was working for the businessmen the whole time! Dave had to decide between his best mate since school, or the world.

He couldn't decide...