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This is Active Thursday

🤸 Let's Get Physical! 🤸





Balancing, hopping, skipping and jumping!


Not only are these really fun to do, but they also help you to develop your gross motor skills!


There are lots of ways you can practice balancing.

Standing on one leg is the most obvious one – but can you do it as well on both legs?

Get a grown up to time you (or you can count while you do it!) while you stand on one leg, and then see if it’s the same amount of time (or number of counts) for the other leg!

 I bet you have one that’s better than the other – I know I do!


What about making your own ‘walk the plank’ kind of game?

You could pretend to be a pirate (or have been captured by one – oh no!) and you have to walk the plank! Careful you don’t fall into the deep sea underneath you!


We love making our own balance boards in Nursery too!

We use the construction blocks and planks, but you can make a similar thing with things you might already have at home.


Pool noodles and a piece of wood can make a good balance board.

A broom handle with a hard, flat ‘plank’ can be just as effective (a tea tray or large hard-back book – such as an annual – should be strong enough to support the weight of a small child).


If you don’t have things like this around your house – don’t worry! Simply putting a cushion or pillow on the floor and trying to find your balance can work just as well too! Make the ‘pile of pillows’ trickier to balance on by adding more and more pillows or cushions.


Please remember to supervise this activity! Balancing can be tricky!


As for hopping, skipping and jumping.

Set out a ‘course’ in your house or garden. See how long it takes to walk it, then run it, then hop, then skip, then jump it!


Have fun, and let us know how you get on using the Class Blog!





🚶🏃🤸What do you notice?🚶🏃🤸


While you are being active – running, jumping or climbing – do you notice something happens to your body?


Put your hand on your chest while you are calm and sill. What can you feel?


Now do something active and fun! Put on your favourite music and have a dance, run around in the garden or go on a lovely walk with your grown-ups.


Put your hand on your chest again. Does it feel the same as before, or is it a little different?


You might notice something beating in your chest!

  That’s your heart 


Do you remember Mrs Colman talking about your heart in our PE lessons in Nursery?


Your heart is very important – it has a big job to do inside your body!

Your heart pumps blood all around your body, and helps you be able to do all of the fun things you enjoy!

When you run around, your heart starts to beat faster – and that’s what you can feel when you put your hand on your chest!


You can keep your heart healthy, by doing something active every day (that’s why we do our Wake Up Shake Up or Shake Your Sillies Out dance in Nursery every day!)


You can keep your heart healthy by eating lots of fruit and vegetables too!


Can you think of a meal you could eat to help keep your heart healthy? Collage or draw your meal idea, and if you’re feeling adventurous, ask your grown-up if you can help to make it!


We would love to see what healthy meal ideas you can come up with – you might even help me to decide what to have for my tea!


Show us on the Class Blog!

My Healthy Meal





Let’s make some fun games you can play in your house or garden!


We love playing with lots of different things in Nursery, and I have been thinking about how we can create some fun games with things from around your house!


One thing we enjoy doing, is playing with balls in the outdoor area. Some of us like to throw and catch them (or at least try to!), and others like to kick the ball and chase it!

I know lots of you will have footballs or tennis balls that you might have enjoyed playing with over the past few weeks and months, but have you thought about doing something a little bit different with them?


You could make a target area for you to throw a ball in to.

If you have chalks, you could draw your target onto a wall or floor outside.

If you a playing inside, you could make an area with material as a target. (You could even use a ball of socks or a sponge instead of a ball – just in case!)


You could have a go at keeping a ball (or similar object) in the air with a tennis racket. If you haven’t got one of those, a frying pan would work too! Count how many times you can hit the ball to keep it in the air. Who can do the most?!


Or, you could blow up a balloon and keep it from hitting the floor.

This was one of Miss Bailey’s favourite games to play with her brother when she was little (and we made it even harder by pretending the floor was lava too!)


Have a think of other games you could play!

Have fun, and don't forget to show us what you have been up to on the Class Blog!

We miss your smiling faces! x




Let’s continue to think about the Rainbow Fish 🐟, but this time; how it might move.


Can you make a movement like a fish?

Try laying on your tummy and moving your body like a fish.

 Pretend to swim by moving your arms and legs.


Think about the shiny scale. How is it different? Does it sparkle in the light?

What movement would be like a shiny sparkle?


The Starfish –

What kind of shape can you make to look like this character?


The Octopus – how do you think this character moves?

Try laying on your back and moving your arms and legs in a way you think The Octopus might move.


Can you think of other things you could move like that you might find in the story?


The waves of the sea?

Be creative and use your imagination to see what you can come up with!

Don't forget to take some pictures to show us what you have come up with on the Class Blog!




I like to move it move it!


As some of you will know, I love to dance and sing (even though I’m not very good!). So I thought we could have a bit of fun with this song: 


How many different ways can you move to the song?


Maybe you could do giant jumps?


Dance like a ballerina?


Move like an animal?


There are lots of animals in the video, and they all move in different ways – can you copy them (or even think of a different way they could move!)


The only limit is your imagination!




There are so many great things you can do to keep active while you are at home!


When we are in nursery, we do Wake up Shake up or Shake your Sillies Out every day!


You can keep doing this at home by following these links, or you could just put your favourite songs on and have a dance around in your house!