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Welcome to our class page!


Teacher: Mrs Colman
Teaching assistants: Miss Bailey and Miss Higgins
Children: currently 30 children split over 15 and 30 hours

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Nursery Rhyme Week


This week we have been celebrating World Nursery Rhyme Week! Nursery rhymes are really important for our early communication, language and literacy development!

Each day we have learnt the words and some actions to five new nursery rhymes and completed some activities around each rhyme. 


Some of the rhymes we learnt this week were:

Incy wincy spider

Baa, baa black sheep

Down in the jungle,
Two little dickie birds

Row, row, row your boat


If you would like some more information on this, please visit:


We had lots of fun!
See if we can sing you one of our rhymes?

Exploring Instrumental Sounds


We have been focusing on aspect 2 of phase 1 phonics this week which is all about instrumental sounds. This led us on to be really interested in creating and performing our own shows. 


It all started on Tuesday, when in phonics we created our own shakers using different dried materials. We talked about the types of noises the different materials made and compared them. We really enjoyed taking our shakers outside onto the stage and using them to perform alongside music on the stage.


Later in the week we explored the different types of sounds we could create with our instruments, we practised stopping and playing when asked and playing our instruments loud and quiet. 


This then developed into groups of children creating their own stage area in the classroom using chairs and creating their own show using their own acts. We had jokes, dancing, singing - our talents are endless!

Children in Need


Today nursery celebrated Children in Need.


To begin our day, we joined in with Joe Wicks 'Big Morning Move'. We enjoyed copying the different moves to wake us up ready for a busy day!


We came into nursery in our own clothes and brought our teddies along with us! We cared for the teddies all day and enjoyed showing them the toys in nursery and our routine.


We then used charcoal to create representations of our teddies. We explored the different marks we could make using it as well as how we could use our finger to smudge it to make our picture textured.


We had lots of fun and we hope our teddies did too!

2D Shape


We have been learning all about 2D shapes in nursery this half term! We have learnt some new mathematical vocabulary such as:


square, triangle, rectangle, circle, side, corner, flat 


We have had lots of shape activities out in the nursery provision from creating 2D shape pictures, printing with 2D shapes and sorting the shapes into different categories. We even went on a shape hunt around school as part of our Maths focus!

Remembrance Day


We have been interest in poppies in nursery following on from poppies being sold around school. We talked about what these poppies represent and watched a short clip to help us understand what happened a long time ago.

Poppies clip:


Some children took a further interest in this and chose to watch the Sunday memorial, we spoke a lot about the soldiers we could see, the uniform they had on and the medals they had been awarded.  


Some children chose to make their own poppies using loose parts or using collage materials. 

Bonfire Night


We have been very excited about Bonfire Night in nursery!


We listened carefully to the story of Guy Fawkes and what he had planned to do a long time ago.


We enjoyed discussing the firework displays we had seen during circle time and the sounds we could hear. We reminded each other of the rules and how to stay safe around fireworks. 


Some of us enjoyed creating our very own representations of the fireworks we had seen using chalks and paints after watching some firework displays on the whiteboard. 

Nursery's Halloween Party!


Nursery had their very own Halloween Party today!


We dressed up and visited the different classrooms around school to 'trick or treat'.


They were very kind to us and thankfully only offered us a 'treat'!


Throughout the week we have been very busy using our counting skills to make magic potions, our creative skills to create our own pumpkin faces using paints, our health and self care skills to create monster biscuits and our exploratory skills to help the adults carve spooky faces into pumpkins and apples!



Autumn is such a busy time of year in nursery! There are so many changes to observe outdoors! The weather gets colder and the leaves begin to change on the trees. The children were very interested in bringing into nursery all the amazing natural materials they found on their way to school. From this, we decided to explore what these materials were and why they were on the floor.


We enjoyed going on a Autumn walk, making and exploring Autumn jelly, creating Autumn pictures using Autumnal colours and creating representations of 'spikey' objects using clay. 


In the lead up to Halloween we have been very busy using our counting skills to make magic potions, our creative skills to create our own pumpkin faces using paints, our health and self care skills to create monster biscuits and our exploratory skills to help the adults carve spooky faces into pumpkins and apples!

Our Senses


As part of getting to know each other in nursery, we have decided to explore our own bodies and our senses. We have completed lots of activities around our five senses and discussed our own likes and dislikes. 


Some of the activities we have enjoyed are:

A listening walk - we used our scissor skills to cut our some giant ears to create our 'listening ears'. We then wore these around school on a hunt for sounds. We talked about how we had to be very quiet to help our listening ears work. We then tried to identify the sounds we could hear!

A sensory trial - we took off our socks and shoes and went outside to feel different textures using our skin. We talked about the textures we liked and disliked and used some amazing vocabulary to describe them!

Taste Test - we had five different tastes to try and compared in our groups to who liked and disliked them. 





Look at all the fun we have been having in our new outdoor area!


The children have settled in well to the nursery routine and enjoy free flow each day!

Nursery Provision

Here are some examples of the activities we have out in nursery each day! The nursery classroom is split into different areas which link to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. These change as the children's interests do, and we cater the provision depending on their own individual interests and development. 

Our first week!


We have been very busy this week settling into nursery, learning the rules and routines and making lots of new friends! We are looking forward to continuing next week!


We are very excited to be starting the journey together in Harrowgate Hill Primary School!

Each day will be different in nursery depending on children's interests - we can't wait to see where this year will take us!


There will be lots of learning, exploring, questioning and of course fun!! Keep checking back to see what we have been getting up to....