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Polar Bears

🌈Hello Nursery!🌈


We are the Polar Bear class, welcome to our Class Page!



Teacher: Mrs Colman

Teaching Assistants: Miss Bailey and Miss Higgins

Children: We currently have 41 children, attending either 15 and 30 hours per week

Baby Ducklings!


At the beginning of Summer Term, we were lucky enough to receive six duckling eggs, which we could watch hatch and grow. We learned that the eggs needed to stay inside an incubator to keep them warm – just like the mother duck would in the nest. We were lucky enough to see five of the six eggs hatch while we were in Nursery! The newly hatched ducklings needed to stay inside the incubator to dry out and rest, because they were very tired after breaking out of their shell!

When the ducklings were ready, we moved them in to a big cage in the classroom with another duckling – we had seven all together! We loved watching them play in their cage, and even got to see them paddling in water too! We learned that ducks have webbed feet to help them swim, and that they use their bill to eat and drink.

Before the ducklings were collected by the farm, we were able to stroke them very gently, and most of us held them too!

Beautiful Butterflies


During our ‘Changes’ Topic, we looked at how lots of things change. We noticed changes in everything, from ourselves to the weather. We were also visited by five caterpillars, who we watched change into beautiful butterflies! We watched as they spun their silk and munched on the food they need to make them grow – they got really big! Then, when they were ready to change, they hung upside down and formed their chrysalides. Once they were hard, it was time to move them carefully to the butterfly tent, where they continued to grow and form beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. When they were all ready, we took them into the outside area to release them!

Look at what we have been up to during weeks 5-8 in out first half term!




We have been very busy and had lots of fun in our first few weeks in Nursery!

We have enjoyed meeting our new friends, creating our class display (keep an eye out for it in our cloakroom!) and establishing our 'Golden Rules'!