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Year 3 - Japan

Welcome to Japan Class!


Hi Everyone, I'm Miss Thompson and I'm extremely proud to be the class teacher of Japan Class this year! On our journey through Year 3, we will be spending time learning about Japan itself at different points throughout the year! We will then move onto learning about The Stone Age through to the Iron Age, followed by Darlington Now and Then and finishing with The Ancient Egyptians. 


With lots and lots of exciting things ahead, lets put pencil to paper and get this year started...


Japan Class Timetable - Don't forget, P.E. is on a Tuesday so come to school in your P.E. kit!

As part of our Mini Topic work, we learnt all about the Japanese Flag and even created one of our own!

Using Manipulatives in Maths - Representing numbers to 100 and beyond!

We used a search engine called ‘Google’ to find out information about Japan!

Today, we began to think about how we could wash a woolly mammoth, ready for when we are writing our own set of instructions. To explore our fantastic ideas, we noted down on large sheets of paper, we used drama to create a group performance. We included how we were going to coax the woolly mammoth into getting washed and also how we intend to get him to stay there.

Partitioning Numbers up to 1000 using part-whole models to record our answers!

In English, we sorted lots and lots of different words, working hard to identify adjectives as we need a solid understanding of what these are in order to write an excellent setting description of a Stone Age Camp!

In R.E., we worked in groups to create a spider diagram about what we know about the Creation Story!

Stone Age Experience - what an amazing day we had! We first took part in ancient fire lighting demonstrations and then worked 1:1 to create our own fires. We then explored how to make bread, cooked it over an open fire and then tried it. Following this, we explored how to make and use ancient tools, looked at traditional Stone Age animal furs and created our own nomadic shelters. We then finished the day of with a delicious BBQ, a mug of hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows!

In Science, we have been exploring the human body, diet and nutrition and in this lesson, we started by having a go at matching each activity to the energy we think would be used. We then explored a range of food packaging, looking closely at the energy values and making numerical comparisons with the energy in the food packaging and the energy used in different activities that we sorted in the previous activity.