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Marvellous Maths

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage, we look at 'Number'. This includes numbers (obviously!) but also shape, space and measure.

Below are some fun activities you could try at home which cover this.


Number rhymes. BBC School Radio has lots of counting songs, have a listen and see if you can count along!

There are also some lovely counting songs on Super Simple Songs. Follow the link to have a listen.


Rote count different things around the house or in the garden – count the stairs each time you go up or down them, count how many birds you can see outside or cars you see parked, help set the table for tea and count out the right amount of plates and cups. Can you make some marks to record this amount?

Watch some Numberblock clips to help learn about the different numbers


Incorporate counting into your exercises – can you do 10 star jumps? Can you pat your head 10 times? Can you stomp your feet 10 times? Make sure you give each one a number!

Make rainbow paper chains (or any paper chains) to decorate your window with! Roll a dice and count out some paper strips in the given number, repeat this and count out different coloured paper strips – join them altogether and count the total!

Play a board game with your family. Roll the dice and count how many spaces you need to move.

Use your blocks or toys to count out a given amount. Can you make two groups that have the same number? Now can you make a group that has one more? Which group has less? Can you make them the same again?

Can you represent the different numbers? It could be by making marks with paper and pen or grouping different numbers of objects.


Go on a shape hunt.

Can you name the shapes you find?

Can you make a picture using shapes?


Make a tower with blocks. Can you make a tall one and a short one? How many blocks are in each tower?


Order your toys from smallest to biggest.


Bake! Measure or weigh out the correct amount of ingredients and set a timer - then enjoy your yummy treat!