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Year 3 - South Korea

Haseyo! (Hello!)

Welcome to South Korea Class!

Hello and welcome to your new year in school! We have lots of exciting things to learn and find out about over your time with me this year. We are looking forwards to explore all about the Stone Age this term. We will be looking at how life was like for humans thousands of years ago, before we had even learnt what a circle was!

Can you imagine living your life with only stones for tools? 


Important information:


Remember to bring to school each day: Water bottle, coat, bag, school shoes.


School Uniform:


last year's class had 16 jumpers unclaimed at the end of the year. Names would have meant 0 unclaimed jumpers. Please ensure you ask your parents to put your name into your school uniform everyone, this is very important.


Library Day:

Our Library session is on a Thursday afternoon.

Please remember to bring your library book with you if you wish to swap it for another. 


PE Day:

Our PE day is Thursday this term. 

We will be doing PE with the other Year 3 classes together. Please remember to bring:

1) Black jogging bottoms or black shorts

2) House colour coloured t-shirt

3) Trainers.


Water bottles: 
Children are allowed to drink or refill their bottles when needed, please remember to bring your water bottles to school every day.


On Monday morning we were introduced to the story 'Twenty-One elephants' in assembly. We learnt about how the Brooklyn Bridge, in America, was built and how people were nervous about it holding weight. So, 21 elephants were led across it!


The first task of STEM week was to work together in groups to design a functional bridge, complete with horizontal struts for strength! We had to ensure our design would be 30cm long too!

On the second day, we had to work together as a team to convert our designs into a functional prototype of our bridges. We used art straws, masking tape and paper to build them.

On the third day we tested our bridges to see how much weight could be supported before the bridge collapsed. Some groups used horizontal struts well to help their bridge hold much heavier weights. Some groups listened to a tip about circular support beams which also enabled their bridge to support a very heavy weight. Congratulations to all groups as all of your bridges worked very well!

We have enjoyed using drama and acting to imagine how to wash a woolly mammoth!

It was exciting to become archaeologists and explore some different secondary sources from the stone age!

in RE we enjoyed exploring the world around us and using our senses to write down what we noticed

In the second half of our Autumn 1 term, we have been on many exciting adventures with our learning, exploring lots of varied topics and activities.

The children have been enjoying discovering the properties of rocks during our science lessons, testing and experimenting to find out different features such as permeability and toughness.

During our continued exploration into the Stone Age, we have made some fantastic artwork and developed a deeper understanding of what life was like at the dawn of mankind.

We even got to experience being in the Stone Age ourselves, enjoying a full experience day packed with laughter, excitement and wonder!


Please enjoy some photographs below of some of the brilliant active learning we have been doing up until the half term holiday.



Examples of book work will be uploaded very soon too!

We have been creating some fantastic writing, improving our sentence level skills while developing our use of punctuation and grammar within our work!

SCIENCE! We have been studying rocks in science, looking at their properties and testing for ourselves whether or not they are true. We have looked at how permeable rocks are, as well as how strong, durable and tough they can be.

SCIENCE! We have been looking at what soil is, the different types of soil and how we can use this knowledge to create compost for plants to grow healthily. We explored how soil is made up of a combination of crushed rock and plant matter. The different types of rock that have mixed with the plant matter changes the composition of the soil. To create our own compost, we collected and added stones to the bottom of our box to create a base for air and water to flow. We then gathered soil and plant matter from the school grounds to layer into our boxes. One layer of soil, then one layer of plant matter, repeat. We are currently letting our soil compost so that we can explore the results once it has had time to develop! There was even an opportunity to talk about aquatic habitats when we discovered a little froglet hopping around outside of our classroom! The final few photos are from our experiment looking at how much water passes through different kinds of soil. Sadly our camera chose to eat the rest of this activities' photos! It must have been very hungry!

Welcome to the second half term of Autumn!

Haseyo, welcome back to school everyone!

I hope you have all had a fantastic holiday, enjoyed halloween and are ready for the second half of your Stone Age topic this half term!



We have had a fantastic time learning more about the stone age, how humans developed better ways to live towards the end of the neolithic period. We have explored how they changed from nomadic lifestyles to that of farmers, settling in one place. We explored how this led to better houses and places to sleep, bigger tribes and the start of human society.


We have enjoyed learning about healthy living in Science, exploring our skeleton and muscles. We learned about the three main roles of the skeleton and how there are also three main types of joint that allow the bones to move. We explored how muscles are responsible for pulling on the bones to move them into position, and that the bones themselves cannot move. 


We have enjoyed finding out about The Stone Age Boy in English, building up to create our own fantastic stone age themed stories. 

In maths we have worked hard to improve our basic understanding of the four operations, ready to start looking at more advanced topics such as fractions, decimals and shapes during the Spring term. 


Please explore a range of photos below of some of the fun learning that has been taking place in Year 3!


English - Exploring Dilemma in children's stories.

Internet Safety Afternoon - Exploring three areas of staying safe online!

Wellbeing Week - We brought in a special item that was important to us. We were excited to show them off and tell everyone why our item was special and important to us! :)

Circus Skills - We explored a range of different key circus skills and improved our ability to perform them. We enjoyed developing our juggling skills, balancing plates on sticks as well as walking with special tall legs. (Remember, you can right click a picture and open in a new tab to see them bigger)

Stone Age Broth - We enjoyed preparing, cooking and eating some ancient broth. We chopped the ingredients ourselves, put them into the bowls, stirred them well and watched them cook. We divided the food into equal portions and got to experience some of the first forms of cooked food that humans created. It was tasty!

Children In Need - We created black and white stippling art. This is a non-colourful version of pointilism art that they cover in Year 4.

IIIIIIIIT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAS (Fayre time) - The children have been hard at work creating snow-persons for their fayre. We have used cotton wool inside the socks this year to make them more fluffy and soft)

Children In Need- Completed Stippling Art

Christmas Cards

If you would like to write cards for the children in our class, these are how we spell all of our names!



Mr Godfrey (Don't forget me!)

































To start our new Spring topic off, we have taken a short trip to the Darlington Hippodrome. Here, we were able to see lots of different aspects of life in the past, with how it compares to now.


We explored how people would have come into the theatre in the past, and how this is completely different to today. We explored how theatre's in the past would prepare the props, lights and actors etc, along with seeing how things have changed with modern technology. 


We had a fantastic time exploring the past and present variations in the Darlington Hippodrome. 


We even got to watch a short bit of Peter Rabbit 2 on the bus!

Darlington Hippodrome - Life then and now!