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Year 6 - Hollywood

Red Nose Day 2023!

World Book Day 2023!

Science Investigation on Lung Capacity

Mini-Topic Sewing the California State Flag

Spring 2022


Happy New Year! Welcome back to a brand new year and a brand new timetable for Hollywood!

We hope and expect to have an action packed term of learning and fun times to turn into memories and useful knowledge to take with us as we continue our learning journey to the end of this year.


Our topic this term is Crime and Punishment through history to the present day. We will learn about the rotten Romans, the terrible Tudors and vicious Victorians. We are looking forward to discovering the stomach churning punishments they used to deal with wrongdoers and then contrast all that with current day crime and punishment.  We will ask the Big Question: Do you feel that all crimes should be met with punishment or can/should wrong-doing ever go unpunished?


Of course our English will reflect our Topics so we will study The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes and The Lady of Shallot by Alfred Lord Tennyson.  Finally we will investigate the life and times of Nelson Mandela through his autobiography  - Long Walk to Freedom. (Children's version) 


In Science will learn all about our bodies, our heart and circulatory system.  We will consider our fitness and how we can improve it. Additionally, we will consider how our bodies change and our relationships.


In the Spring term, our P.E. day will be a Thursday, with some pupils participating in swimming competencies and others doing athletics.  

November 2022 - Hollywood Class Assembly

November 2022


In Computing, we have been looking at how to adapt code created by others in order to make something new in Scratch. We used the 'Remix' button to allow us to see inside the code and make the sprite (the main character) perform different actions. 

November 2022


In Science, we have continued our work on electricity and applied our thinking to lots of investigations. One investigation was looking at how citrus fruits (lemons, in particular) could be used to light a bulb in a circuit. We needed a lot of lemons but we got there in the end. When life gives you lemons...make batteries out of them! 

September 2022


In Science, we are learning all about electricity. We used the equipment to identify which circuits would light a bulb and which would not. 

A Warm Welcome to Hollywood! 


I am Mrs Pallister and I am the teacher for Hollywood. We have started the year learning about the state of California, and of course Hollywood in particular. We are the class of glitz and glamour - we are all auditioning for 'Oscars' by showing the expected behaviours in class! 


Please see below our fantastic non-chronological reports on Hollywood!


Over the year, we will be taking part in lots of exciting activities to enhance our learning, including our residential!


We are now focussing on World War 2, reading and exploring the book 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' throughout this unit of work. 


Please see our timetable for the Autumn Term and our topics to follow this year below.