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Physical Development

Can you make up your own dance?

How many hops/skips/jumps can you do in 1 minute?

You could visit: to join in with lots of fun exercises.

Develop your fine motor skills by getting some playdoh and following the lady doing the ‘Dough Disco’: 

Creative Development

Talk about what you look like. What features do you have? (blonde hair, green eyes)

Can you draw a picture of yourself?

Encourage your child to hold the pencil correctly, using a 3 finger pincer grip.

Have they draw a circular shape for the head?

Have they included all of the facial features like a nose or eyebrows?

Have they drawn a neck?

Is there body bigger than the head shape?

Where have they drawn the arms and legs?

Have they chosen the correct colours to match their hair and eyes?



Remember we are still spending a large part of our day in Reception playing in the areas of the classroom. Do not expect your child to be able to spend large amounts of time siting at a table 'working' as the vast majority of our work is practical and play based.  See our information below about how you can support your child as they play at home.  

If you want extra things for your child to do Oak Academy have lessons for Reception, they can be found at: