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Welcome to Wallaby!


My name is Miss Mullett and I am so excited to be the teacher for the Wallabies. 


We have lots of lovely things planned for us to do this year and some fantastic topics which I can't wait to tell you all about so we can explore and learn together.


Throughout the year I will update this page with pictures of all the exciting things we get up to so keep checking back to see what has been added! 



Meet the Teacher 

Summer: New Zealand


For our final journey around New Zealand we will be finding out about the Botanist that was aboard Captain Cook's ship and the plants he found on his journey. He brought these plants back to Europe and he is part of the reason we have lots of the plants we see in our country now.


We then wrote poems based on 'Ten Things Found in a Wizard's Pocket' but we put our own spin on it by writing about 'Ten Things Found in a Botanist's Pocket'.


We have loved learning all about New Zealand! 

Summer - The Scented Garden


What an exciting start to this term. We had a suspicious letter left in our classroom and once we read it we realised it was from a very special visitor named 'Fairy Flora'. Fairy Flora had been having a terrible time and had her home destroyed in a terrifying storm during the night (did you hear it?) She had noticed that we have a beautiful new outdoor area and wondered if there was space for us to make her a new home. All term, we have been working towards making her the best new home possible as well as lots of other exciting opportunities!



Year 2 Get Epic! Reading Reward


Over lockdown, Mrs Abbott set us the challenge of reading as many books as possible. Year 2 read the most books in the whole school!  As a very special (and very delicious!) reward, Mrs Abbott ordered us pizza to enjoy in our classrooms. We absolutely loved it and some of us were even able to try new foods which was very exciting.

What a super Science Week! 

We loved exploring the outdoors to find plants from both trees and flowers. We then sorted them into two groups before making what we found into our own nature bookmarks.


We then found out all about George Mottershead who is responsible for making zoo's a kinder and safer place for animals to live. Did you know he started Chester Zoo? We were set a challenge to design a zoo enclosure for an animal of our choice. We had to think about what their habitat would be like and what they would need to eat. For example, if they were a herbivore we would need to make sure there were lots of plants around for them.


Spring: New Zealand Topic


For the first week in Spring, we will be learning all about our New Zealand topic. 


We are going to be learning how to make a box to keep the delicious ship's biscuits safe on our long journey. Our long journey will take us to visit different places around New Zealand. I wonder if the will be similar or different to where we live?

Spring - Amazing Africa


This term, we are learning all about Amazing Africa. Have a look below at some of the things we have been up to both in school and at home!




World Book Day - The Masked Reader

What a fantastic World Book Day we had. Both in school and at home we took part in a special World Book Day assembly! We then made our own masks and took part in our own Masked Reader challenge with our class.


We also took part in a live draw along with our Patron of Reading, Liz Million! What an amazing treat! 

Grand Opening of our Outdoor Area!

African Music

We explored African music from different parts of Africa. We listened to the different instruments and then had a go at playing rhythms in time with our class. We found it a bit tricky but by next lesson when we composed our own music and wrote our own African themed lyrics we were fantastic! 

Autumn: New Zealand


For the first couple of weeks we will be learning all about the continent Key Stage 1 is named after which is... Australasia! 


The country we will be learning about is New Zealand and we will be learning all about Captain Cook's journey on his ship called the 'Endeavour'.



Autumn - Journeys Topic

Wallabies have enjoyed exploring lots of books linked to our topic of Journeys. We have read 'Ocean Meets Sky' and 'Lost and Found'. We loved exploring the characters and thinking of questions we would ask them. 

We also imagined we were on a boat and see and described what we could see through our telescope using descriptive language! I wonder what you can see?

As part of our topic, we will be making our own vehicle! We need to make sure we use appropriate materials to do this so we tested them out. We found out if we could twist, snap, squish and stretch different materials. Our next job is to decide which is the strongest and best material to make our vehicle out of! 

Wow! What a delicious treat we had this half - term. Those of us who stayed green all half - term were able to make our own pizza's and eat them! They were so yummy and some of us were very creative with our toppings, even making faces out of them. 


We can't wait to see what the next treat will be laugh

Amelia Earhart Booklets

We then learnt all about Amelia Earhart and her mysterious disappearance! We had lots of theories for why her and her plane went missing. Wallabies made some fantastic booklets all about her life. I wonder if we can remember any facts about her life?

Coding with Bee Bots

Next, we used the Bee Bots to input algorithms to take the Bee Bot on journeys similar to those that Amelia Earhart will have went on. We looked at how to write an algorithm and to de-bug our code when anything went wrong. 

D&T - Making an axel

Next, we designed our own vehicle to take on a journey. We used dowel to create an axel for the wheels. We used saws to cut the dowel and looked at how to keep ourselves safe when using D & T equipment. 

Making Our Vehicles

We then used our axels and various materials to create a vehicle as much like our design as possible! It was very tricky to make it look like the vehicle we were making and we had to overcome lots of challenges. We were fantastic at problem solving!

It was performance time in Wallaby class! Our task was to compose, rehearse and perform our own piece of music inspired by a wintery scene. We loved experimenting with the instruments to find out the different sounds that they could make.

Christmas Performance Practice

This years Christmas performance was very different but still lots of fun! 

Good to be Green Treat 2

Our second Good to be Green treat was another delicious one! We watched a film with a hot chocolate AND got to wear our own cosy slippers or socks!