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Hi everyone! Hope you're all well and keeping safe. I am missing seeing all your little faces every day but *fingers crossed* for getting back to normal as soon as possible!


If you've been working super hard on your Home Learning packs, why not try some of these activities below?

English Home Learning

Updated 21/5/20


Here is the learning we would have done in Summer term. This is my favourite English topic!! smiley I have added ideas for home learning within the powerpoints.

At the end of the book, we are given a snippet of the next book, The Reptile Room. Can you become the author and write your own version of The Reptile Room?


Don't forget to plan your story first! smiley You could plan using story maps, story mountains or just a straight forward Boxing it Up grid (see below).

Maths Home Learning
Updated 21/5/20
Below are some resources for shape, position and direction.
Here are some general Maths resources you could try:
Before school closed, we had planned on moving on to triangles and quadrilaterals. Here are some lovely, simple resources which give you a quick whistle stop tour!
Art and Design Home Learning

Updated 21/5/20


Research Roman mosaics.


  • What is a mosaic?
  • What was its purpose?
  • How did they make them?


Create your own mosaic using what you have around the house. This could be with coloured pencils, chalk, small squares of coloured paper, hama beads, things found outdoors, the list is endless!


Here is some inspiration:

Using resources you have at home, create a piece of weather art. You could use chalk outside, paint, coloured pencils, felt tips etc. 

This could be an image of weather e.g. tsunami, thunder and lightning..


Look through the pictures for inspiration:

Science Home Learning
Updated 21/5/20
When we return, we are hoping to look at the digestive system. If you want to get ahead then have a look at the powerpoint below and see if you can complete the activities. Could you even draw or make your own digestive system using what you have at home? 

Welcome to the Pangolins' Page!

Hi. We're the Pangolins!



We're now almost at the end of Spring 1 and so much has happened, where do we start?!


In Autumn term, a special visitor, Tanya, came to teach us all about the Ancient Greeks. She even dressed and acted like one! It was really funny when she kept thinking we were the 'Barbarians'! We had the chance to look at and feel some of the Greek artefacts she brought along. Some of us even got to try some of them on. They were so heavy!




We also had the opportunity to take part in a Judo session. Some of us loved it so much that we started attending out of school! We played a really silly game where we had to dive to the ground and we also had a go at trying to pin our opponents. 






At Christmas, we took part in the Christmas Fayre and Party Day. It was so much fun learning to decorate cupcakes to sell on our stall. We even managed to sell them all! 






Spring 1 has been equally as busy with lots of fun things happening. The term started with a fantastic pantomime of Peter Pan. "He's behind you!!"




We also welcomed our new patron of reading, Liz Million. She came to speak to us about her job as an author and illustrator. Her sketches were amazing and we even got to attend a workshop to learn how to draw just like her!




This half term we celebrated Fitness week. Every day, we had the opportunity to take part in a fitness activity and learn about how to stay healthy. At the end of the week, we met Paralympic archer, Danielle Brown. She inspired us all with her 'can do' attitude and having confidence in ourselves.





We have absolutely loved our topic this term which is Unfortunate Events. So far we have learnt about the Plague, the Titanic and World War I. We cannot wait to share our knowledge with you so please ask us about them!


Key Information


Monday Spelling Test
Tuesday Indoor PE

Maths and English homework due in

Use of the school library


New Maths and English homework handed out

Times Table Test

Outdoor PE


The children should be bringing home an Accelerated Reader reading book every day and returning it to school the next day. Once the book has been fully read, they can sit their quizzes at school. The more quizzes passed, the higher up the children can move in their levels so we really recommend them reading at home. Please encourage them to bring their books home smiley