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Welcome to the Pangolins' Page!


Mini Topic

We started our term by looking at our country, Thailand, and learning all about pangolins. We found out some fascinating facts about them.


Our most interesting facts:

  • A pangolin's tongue is long and sticky. Amazingly, it reaches all the way down to its abdomen!
  • Around 100,000 pangolins are poached as people believe their scales have healing powers. However, they are made from keratin (the same material as our fingernails!)



Ancient Greeks

For the rest of Autumn 1 and 2, we will be focusing on the topic of the Ancient Greeks. 


We will delve into the life of an ancient Greek, learn about Greek mythology and find out all about the Olympics, old and new.


Our book for this term is Who Let the Gods Out.



Key Information


Monday Spelling Test
Tuesday Indoor PE

Maths and English homework due in

Use of the school library


New Maths and English homework handed out

Times Table Test

Outdoor PE