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Year 6 - New York

Welcome to New York!


My name is Miss Garbutt and I am the class teacher for New York class. 


Over the year, we will be taking part in lots of exciting activities and experiences and finishing off the year with a Leavers' Production, Leavers' celebration and our residential!


Our Timetable

English- Autumn

This term in English, we are reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.


The story follows a boy called Bruno on his move from Berlin to Poland and the friendship he forms along the way.


This book links with our topic of WW2 and gives an insight into life for a German child compared to a Polish child, during this time period. 


English- Spring


 Autumn 1- Electricity


The children have be learning the scientific symbols for each of the electrical components, constructing and drawing electrical circuits and problem solving using their knowledge of electricity and circuits.


Autumn 2- Light

We have been investigating how light travels in straight lines and does not bend. We have used mirrors to see how light is reflected and also looked at how a periscope uses mirrors and light to see over objects. We loved linking this to our learning of the war as we found out periscopes were used in the trenches for WW1.


Spring 1- 



Check out some photos of us in action below! 



In Art, we have been looking at a range of different artists, in order to get inspiration for our own final piece. 

We have enjoyed looking at both abstract artists such as Fiona Rae and artists who focussed on real events such as John Singer Sargent. 


Check out some photos from our art lessons below. 


In PSHE this half term we have been looking at the topic 'Being me in my World.' 

We have looked at what we like doing and what others like doing, what our goals are for the future and how we might achieve these as well as our rights and responsibilities both in and out of school. 


We compared how our wants and needs are different to others and gained an understanding of how other children in different countries may live.  

Geography- Autumn 2

In Geography, we have been learning about population.

We have looked at migration and what the push and pull factors are.


We found that birth and death rate also had an impact on the population and were fascinated to find out how the population of the world has changed over time. 


We went on a school field trip to collect data in both a more populated and least populated area to count the traffic coming through. We were surprised to find that over 40 cars passed through the populated area in the 5 minutes we were timing!

Geography field trip

Design Technology

Autumn 2- Navigating the World


During this half term, we were given a design request to create a product, using CAD, which would be a multifunctional device for walkers to take trekking. 


The children learnt what a client was, what needed to be in their design brief (based on the needs of the client) and were able to design a product using sustainable materials.


When they had designed their product on paper, they them transferred this to a digital design on the computer. 


Finally, they pitched their products to the class, explaining how their product fits the brief and why investors should choose to invest in their products.