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Platypus Class


Hello and welcome to Platypus Class!


In our class we have 25 children with Miss Turnbull class teacher and Mr Howell classroom support.


Helpful Information

- Monday is our PE day and we come to school in our PE kit. Outdoor or indoor kit, it is up to you but please remember to wear your trainers!

- Reading is such an important skill to have so please bring your reading book and reading record into school everyday so I can hear your amazing reading. 

- Although your backpacks are lovely, they're a little too big for our pegs and end up on the floor so please bring your blue book bag instead.

Home work is due in on a Wednesday and will be handed back out on a Friday. 

Water bottles to be brought into school every day.


Library is every Friday - please remember your library book.



In Year 1, we explore some very interesting topics.


Mini Topic - Australia 

Autumn Term - All About Me

Spring Term - Our World and Beyond

Summer Term - In the Garden


On this page, you will find pictures and examples of our fantastic work we do in Platypus class. 


Week Eight 

Week Seven

Race for Life



In Math's we ordered numbers

In Topic we have been making fruit kebabs.

We made a plan of what ingredients and equipment we needed and the method of how to make the fruit kebab.

After we made our fruit kebab, we completed our evaluation. 


In Math's we used the crocodile signs to find less and greater than a number

Week Six

Science Day


We learned all about the scientist 'Rachel Carson'.

We worked in groups to complete the water pollution experiment.

In PSHE we sorted animals and human life cycles.

Designing models in the Construction Area.

In English we have been working in groups to create our own poem.

We performed this to the class.

Week Five

We enjoyed celebrating the Queen's Jubilee.

Good To Be Green Treat!

In Maths we have been quartering shapes and amounts. 

Week Four

We have been creating our own print stamps this week.

We have used them to print patterns. 


In Maths we have been learning about halving. 


We have halved amounts and shapes. 


We went on a hunt around the classroom to find half of the amounts and shapes to make them whole again.  



This week in English we have been creating a story map for our own version of The Night Gardener. 


See some of our amazing work below!

Week Three


Maths - Making doubles using Manipulatives

Week Two

This week we have been super busy with lots of different activities.


In Topic we wrote a seasons factfile.

See our amazing work below!


In English we have been looking at 'The Night Gardener'.


We have been looking at characters this week.

Can your child answer the questions...

What is a character?

Who are the characters in the story?


In Maths we have been learning to count in 2s and 5s. 

We played a game, each hoop represented 5.

We took it in turns to throw the beanbag and counted up our totals at the end.

Week One 

This week we have been learning about all the British Values.

- Rule of Law

- Democracy

- Mutual Respect

- Individual Liberty

- Tolerance


See some of our lovely work below.


Rule of Law - we wrote letters to Goldilocks telling her the right rules to follow!

Maths - we have been learning how to tell the time of o'clock and half past.

Enjoying reading the books to our Reading Buddies!

Autumn Term

Mini Topic



Our first week back was all about Australia. Some of our activities included platypus fact files, drawing and labelling Australian animals and collaging platypus drawings.