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Year 4 – Thailand

Welcome to Thailand Class!


Hi Everyone, I'm Miss Thompson and I'm extremely proud to be the class teacher of Thailand Class this year! On our journey through Year 4, we will be spending time learning about Thailand itself at different points throughout the year! We will then move onto learning about The Ancient Greeks, followed by Unfortunate Events and finishing with The Romans. 


With lots and lots of exciting things ahead, lets put pencil to paper and get this year started...


Thailand Class Timetable - Don't forget, P.E. is on a Wednesday so come to school in your P.E. kit!

Researching Thailand

Using Manipulatives in Maths - Representing numbers to 1000 and beyond!

Partitioning Numbers up to 10000 using part-whole models to record our answers!

Demonstrating control with a large ball!

Identifying our Teeth!

Investigating the effect of different substances on our 'Teeth' - What a Cracking Experiment! Check back for more updates!

Observing the effects of different substances on our 'Teeth'

Investigating the Digestive System

Researching the functions of different parts of the human digestive system...


On Monday morning we were introduced to the story 'Twenty-One elephants' in assembly. We learnt about how the Brooklyn Bridge, in America, was built and how people were nervous about it holding weight. So, 21 elephants were led across it!




First, we looked at a range of bridges from around the world. We discussed the shapes that we could see, why the bridge had been built, what the landscape around it looks like and what materials had been used when building.




Then, we began to design our own bridges.


We used spaghetti and marshmallows to investigate diagonal struts to see how strength can be improved within our structures and also components of a simple circuit so that we could add a light at the top to warn aeroplanes and helicopters of the highest point.

Following this, we then moved onto building our bridges, using carefully selected resources...

Building Bridges

Exploring the Features and Purpose of Newspaper Articles

Exploring the Area of 2-D Shapes and creating our own...

Creating Food Chains, focusing on identifying producers, consumers and predators!

Living Life as an Ancient Greek - Exploring home life, weapons and battle and the Olympic Games. So much fun was had with this fantastic learning opportunity!

On Tuesday 8th November, we took part in a Diwali Dance Workshop. It was fab and we had so much fun!

Chindren in Need 2022! We had a SPOTACULAR time, including trying our hand at Pointillism!


Thailand class made Greek Gyros with a Tzakiki dip! At first, everyone was a little worried as many children had said that they had never tried cooking before! But, it didn't take long before we got used to the equipment. When we tasted them, we were shocked by how much we enjoyed them!


Ingredients we used (because the children have asked for them to make Gyros at home):

Pitta Bread, Garlic cloves, juice of half a lemon, chicken breast, cucumber, red onion, Greek Yogurt, oregano, Olive oil and white wine vinegar!




'The children was cooked when it was white inside when you cut it open' - Ophelia

'Cooking was much easier than I thought it was going to be! I really enjoyed it!' - Emelia

'I learnt how to follow a recipe' - Oliver

'I have never cooked before! I loved cutting the chicken!' - Archie



We used Scratch to create a Labyrinth and a Minotaur and coded our characters so that we can move them with specific keys!

Exploring how sound travels through a carousel of activities!

Safer Internet Day! We took part in a range of activities which centred around staying safe online...

Conducting a Historical Enquiry and presenting our findings to our class...

World Book Day 2023

Researching Pentecost using secondary sources!

Building a Simple Series Circuit!

Exploring how energy flows in a simple series circuit to identify whether a circuit is complete or incomplete...

Investigating whether materials are electrical conductors or electrical insulators...

Year 4 Science Experience Day - 2-day Extravaganza! We designed and created our own model Lighthouses, including a simple series electrical circuit! so much fun was had!