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Terrific Tech (UW)

Technology is one of the areas of learning within the Early Years Curriculum, so here are a few ideas to use it to your advantage:


  • BusyThings is a range of online games and programmes linked to the Early Years Curriculum, all the games are grouped into the different areas of learning. Admittedly, some work better on a computer than a tablet but it is worth having a look. We use it a lot in nursery – the children love the different sound effects and visuals! They are offering a free trial and a reduced subscription for a £1.00. Have a go of the free trial and see what you think!


  • Use Google to learn something new, as simple as it sounds children love it! We use Google a lot in nursery to research different things and look at photographs. One of the development points we work towards in nursery is ‘knowing information can be retrieved from computers’, so this is a good start!




  • Another Google based idea is Google Maps. Children love navigating their way around the streets of Darlington, looking at their own houses, at school, people walking in the street, making observations on how things have changed. This might be especially helpful now that we are staying indoors more.

Have a go and see what you can find, click the Google Maps image for a  ‘street view’ of Harrowgate Hill Primary School to get you started!



  • BBC have created a great Bitesize resource aimed at children from 3 years old, which has links to all aspects of our learning, in a child friendly way.

There is also a CBeebies Go Explore app, which can be downloaded to a Tablet or Smart phone

Links to both of these can be found here:



Please remember, although screen time has its advantages and can be educational, it is important to limit this within you and your child’s daily routine, and should be supervised at all times.