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New York

Hello and welcome!


My name is Miss Stokes and I am new to Harrowgate Hill Primary and super excited to be the class teacher for New York! With all the craziness of 2020, I'm looking forward to getting some normality back in our lives and starting a new and exciting chapter together. I am confident that throughout this year we are going to expand our knowledge, learn some new skills, overcome some challenges and have the best time ever!


This term we will be learning all about World War 2. This will not only be taught in history, but also in our Literacy as we read together 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'. We are currently learning about Electricity in Science and how circuits work (we have already produced some great work).

We are currently reading as a class (at the end of each day):

'Operation Gadgetman!' by  Malorie Blackman


Together we are going to tackle the challenges and new skills that Year 6 will throw our way- whilst also washing our hands...A LOT. 


Just a little PS...remember our P.E day is Monday so come to school in your P.E kit (black joggers, black hoodie, house t-shirt colour and trainers).


Every Friday, I am going to give out:

  • Spellings
  •  Grammar activity
  •  Maths homework (this is to my maths set-not the whole of New York)

This will be due the following Thursday. Don't forget to be sticking your work into your books so we don't lose it and bringing it into school every Thursday for me to have a look at smiley


Here's to the class of 2021!!yes

Meet the teacher smiley


Sadly, due to corona virus, we cannot hold our meet the teacher! However, below is a powerpoint where you can learn all about me and our class!



Half-Term (wooooocheeky)

Just a little message to say thank you to my amazing New Yorkers. It's been a strange seven weeks. Coming into a learning environment after so long away is super strange but you've all done amazing (and no doubt, have never had cleaner hands). It's a shame that our last week was cut short but you've all adjusted to it fabulously and it's been great to see some of your faces over zoom, especially if you're in my maths. However, I am silently watching you all in the English zoom calls and beaming with pride when some of you clever clogs come up with some amazing answers- I knew we were the best class wink All I can say now is enjoy your half term (once the isolation period passes of course- not long now) and get plenty of brain rest as you are going to need it when you come back!


Keep your eye out for photos and plenty of updates on this page next term. Have fun and be safe heart



Goodbye 2020 laugh


Just a message to say thank you New York for a fab first term. I know it's been weird having to adapt to this new crazy world, but you've all done such a fab job. 

Also a HUGE well done to those who won our £5 amazon gift vouchers for the most improved in their recent assessments. Your hard work has paid off! These were:

My maths class: Leah 

My english class: Luca 

Mrs Brown's maths class: Connie 

Mrs Brown's english class: Lilly-Alice

Mr Abbott's maths class: Max and Mia.

9 vouchers were handed out and 6 of these were from New fab are we?!wink

We also recently handed out Star of the Term and this went to Mason. Mason has worked so hard and is always on his best behaviour and polite. He is also the first person on his hands and knees trying to tidy up the classroom- what a star!angel



























I hope you all have a fabulous holiday and whether you celebrate Christmas or not...enjoy this time with your loved ones and eat lots of scrummy food! Looking forward to seeing you in's to 2021!!!


Christmas Jumper Day 2020

Zoom Learning


Just wanted to leave a note to say WELL DONE to everyone for sticking out this home learning. Whether you're at home or a key worker, you're all smashing it. Remember to give your parents/carers a hug or a thank you for helping you along or simply just making sure you're on the correct zoom link. It's a weird way to learn but you've all done amazingly and it's so fab to see how much work you're producing on the blog. 

I hope you had an amazing break and relaxed for a full week. I know I did. 

Let's keep up your hard work...Easter holidays are in sight!laugh

World Book Day

What a success World Book Day was! I was in school teaching the key worker children so I got to watch all the fun mask making but I loved seeing them at home on the blogs too! Plus, I got to host our masked reader. It was amazing to see so many children willing to volunteer and look/sound silly in the name of World Book Day.


Did you spot me during our masked reader game?


In class, the children had to work in partners or small groups and create a presentation based on a topic they are super passionate about. They had to then present these to the front and convince the class to believe the point they were making. We had so many brave students present and I can definitely see some future world leaders!

What a fun term we've had so far. You've come back after Easter and adapted so well! It can be scary thinking about our transition to our next schools but these next months are leading up to that and it's equally as exciting!


We've been having some fun in English. We are looking at Macbeth and we had our very own courtroom as children portrayed characters from the story. We had to then try and work out which character had killed King Duncan.

We even had a judge, prosecutor and defence!



Our Macbeth courtroom