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Toileting & Bedwetting

We are happy to support parents and carers with potty training as a consistent approach at home and nursery/school will work best. Please talk to us if you are toilet training at home so we can use the same approach when your child is with us.

If your child is still using nappies when in reception, despite lots of efforts to toilet train, we can refer your child to the 'Child Continence Service' who may be able to give further advice.

Children in nursery and reception may still have the occasional toileting accident. This is often because they are busy playing and just leave it too late to get to the toilet. Sometimes accidents happen because they are upset or worried about something. If your child appears to be having regular accidents we will always talk with you and  discuss ways we can support you and your child. 

A number of reception children may still not be fully dry overnight and wet the bed. This can be  perfectly normal as some children take longer to be continent for longer periods. If this is the case for your child please make an appointment with your GP to discuss with them as there could be medical reason and they can offer further advice and support.

The following NHS website has useful information around toilet training and bedwetting: