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Look at  the PowerPoint below with your child to find out more about jungles. A jungle is a type of rainforest in very hot parts of the world. Talk to them about what you have found out by reading it through.


Watch the video below to find out more about rainforests.

Rainforest Animals 🐅🌴 - Animals for Kids - Educational Video

Facts for kids! Which animals live in the rainforest? Is the tapir a mix of wild boar and anteater? And what kind of animal actually is the okapi? You'll fin...


Talk through the PowerPoint below about jungle animals.

Your child could then draw or paint a jungle picture with some of the animals they have found out about. 


Watch the clip below of rainforest sounds. Does the rainforest sound like where we live? What sounds can you hear? Using any musical instruments or objects around your house help your child make some rainforest sounds. they could use their voice too.

Jungle and Rainforest Sound Effects - Tropical Forest Ambiences from Costa Rica

Get the full Tropical Forest / Jungle sound effect library here: 'Pura Vida ...


We have been exploring printing in school this week. if you have some paint at home try printing on paper by using objects from around your house. Good objects are - forks, sponges , cut up food like apples or potatoes, lego bricks.