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Year 5

Welcome to the Class of 2021.



It is September 2020 and we are all excited to have returned to school.


However our 'new normal' means that on occasion some of us may not be in school.  If that is the case, we still have learning activities for you to complete. Let us all work together to move steadily forwards on our learning journey together.


Just like a normal day in school, you should aim for one mathematics session, one English session and one other topic of your own choice every day.  Try to read at least one chapter of your book - even better if you could read with someone or chat to them about what you are reading. 

Week beginning Monday 12th October
Please note, English this term is based on the book, 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. Let us know if you need a copy!
WC 5.10.20

Please note, English this term is focussed on the book 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. This links with our topic on 'The Industrial Revolution'. If you are unable to get hold of a copy let us know! Thanks.


Topic WC 28.09.20

Hello Year 5 

It is now officially Summer term 2! That means in a short time it will be the 6 week holidays.

While you are at home we will add your home learning onto this page from now on. smiley 

We are missing you lots and are so proud of you all.

We have loved seeing what you have been up to on your blogs, keep updating us! 


Home Learning Packs are available from the office every Monday.

However, we have tried to make as many of the activities as possible none worksheet related so questions and tasks can be done on paper. 

SPAG week 3

We would like you to try the questions and then look at the powerpoints to find the answers and how you would correctly answer it on a SPAG test in readiness for Year 6. 

Year 5 Summer Spellings

If you want to continue with you 15 activities here they are!


15 Activities to do


How many will you do?


  1. Teach yourself a ‘how to draw a ... ’ using an online tutorial.
  2. Hot seating – you and your family can pretend to be a favourite tv/story character.
    Encourage everyone else to interview the person in the hot seat and guess who it is.
  3. Learn another language. Use the internet, a book or a family member to help.
  4. Do some research and use craft materials to make a Mayan artefact.
  5. Explore and record all the wildlife in your garden.
    Can you turn it in to an investigation and create a results table and conclusion.
  6. Write an alternative end for one of your favourite stories.
  7. Create a diary for the week, add to it each night.
    Include as much detail as you can.
  8.  Make your own family tree; see if you can add photos or a description for each member of your family.
  9. Look at weather maps online and make your own weather forecast. Can you predict next week’s weather?
  10. Home dance class – join in with an online dance video.
  11. Chromatography experiment – Put felt tip dots on a piece of kitchen roll, dip it in water or add drips of water and watch the colours split and spread.
  12. Look at a map and create a route to a family member’s home, write step by step instructions for someone to follow.
  13. Learn a simple song in sign language.
  14. Invisible ink – use lemon juice and a few drops of water.  Use a paint brush dipped into the lemon juice to write a secret message on paper. Place it on the radiator or in the sun to reveal the hidden message.
  15. Create a character and story name for a new David Walliams book.