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Maths - Miss Mullett's Zoom Class

If you remember, last week you chose a challenge to complete this week so have a look at what you decided to do. Today you are going to think of the steps you will need to take to complete the challenge and think about which step would be the hardest. You will then have some time to practice and perfect the skill you have chosen to do! 

Guided Reading - Reading Comprehension

For your Guided Reading task, you have a reading comprehension to complete. The lower the stars, the easier the text and questions will be so you can decided how much of a challenge you would like. Don't forget to use a reading ruler to read the text carefully and then answer the questions. 

Star of the Week Assembly 

At 1.45pm we will have our Star of the Week Assembly with Mrs Abbott. The link to our Assembly has been sent via ParentMail. 


Golden Time

On a Friday, we would normally have 30 minutes of Golden Time at the end of the day. This is time for you to choose something to do as a reward for working hard and following our school rules all week. So, take this time to do something fun! Play a game, go outside, build a tower... anything! The choice is yours laugh