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Hello everybody! πŸ‘‹ 


🌈 Welcome to the Home Learning page for Nursery! πŸŒˆ 




School is due to close for the Summer today (16.07.2020). We hope you have a lovely Summer break, and can't wait to see you all in September!




Don't forget!

All of the resources and ideas on the web page and in your Home Leaning Packs can be used throughout the Summer Holidays.

We have uploaded the digital version of the packs below, should you need to access them again.

Keep reading, counting, talking and playing - it's amazing how much you learn while you're dong this!




Learning Journals are available to collect from Main Reception (for those of you moving up to Reception. We will keep and continue to add to these, for those of you staying with us in Nursery in September)


*As always, please follow social distancing guidelines when collecting packs and Learning Journals from School - Gloves have been provided, should you need them while looking through the boxes.*




Mrs Colman, Miss Bailey, Miss Higgins and Miss Taylor all hope that you are staying safe at home, helping your grown ups and being super learners!


We are all super proud of you for everything you have done this year - both in Nursery and at home with your grown-ups.

We know it has been tricky at times, but we think you are all



βœ‰οΈ Keep an eye out for your Post Delivery Person! We have asked them to deliver something especially for you! Hopefully, you will have already received it, but don't worry if you haven't - it's on the way! βœ‰οΈ




If you are looking for some new ideas for things you could do at home to help your learning, you have come to the right place!


We will be putting lots of ideas for things you can do at home, either on your own (because we love being independent!) or with your family (because its good to share these new experiences together!)


Just click on the daily activity pages below for some ideas for Home Learning.

We have tried to make activities easy to do from this page, including links to songs and videos (usually by clicking an image related to the topic!) and recording audio straight to the page if needed!


 Home Learning Packs, with any printed resources linking to online activities, colouring pages and fine motor activities, will also be made available to collect from school each Monday.

*Please remember to follow social distancing guidance when collecting your pack!*


Make sure you come back every day to see what fun activities are here for you (and don't forget to keep showing us what you have been up to on the Class Blog!) 


Mrs Adamson is posting lots of daily activities on the school Facebook page too - have a go at some of those, and comment on the posts with how you are getting on! We love to see how you're doing!


Don't forget, there are still lots of ideas you can do at home on the Polar Bears Class Page too!




Hello! How Are You?

Still image for this video
This is the song we sing in our focus time at the beginning of our nursery session.
I hope you remember the words and the actions!
I wonder if you can remember why we do these actions?
- That's right! It's called Sign Language, and it helps people who can't hear very well understand what we are saying!

You might want to sing this before you do any learning at home, as it might help you focus and feel a little bit more like you're in nursery!



This is a 'Pop-up Museum' from Tees Valley Museums which has been designed to capture, show, share and celebrate kindness in all of its forms.


Children from around the Tees Valley region have been asked to contribute to the exhibition.

Unfortunately, it is over subscribed; so any entries made now will not be involved in the virtual museum

- BUT that doesn't mean we can't have fun creating things for our very own Nursery Museum of Kindness!


Do you remember when the Kindness Elves visited us in Nursery? You had lots of fantastic ideas about how to be kind, and show kindness to others!


So, I have a challenge for you.

Think about a time you were kind to somebody, or somebody was kind to you.

Talk about it with a grown-up about how it made you feel, and how you think it made another person feel.

You can draw a picture, or take a photograph to show being kind (or show it in any other creative way you can think of!)


It would be lovely if we could display them on our Nursery Page - like our very own Museum of Kindness! 




What else can I do?


Hello, Mrs Colman here!

I know a lot of you will have been have been using technology more and more over the last few weeks and months, and there have been so many amazing resources made available to children and parents to help educate whilst at home! And, of course, technology is another area of learning within the Early Years Curriculum. So I am going to give you a few ideas to use it to your advantage:


  • BusyThings is a range of online games and programmes linked to the Early Years Curriculum, all the games are grouped into the different areas of learning. Admittedly, some work better on a computer than a tablet but it is worth having a look. We use it a lot in nursery – the children love the different sound effects and visuals! They are offering a free trial and a reduced subscription for a £1.00. Have a go of the free trial and see what you think!


  • Use Google to learn something new, as simple as it sounds children love it! We use Google a lot in nursery to research different things and look at photographs. One of the development points we work towards in nursery is ‘knowing information can be retrieved from computers’, so this is a good start!


  • Another Google based idea is Google Maps. Children love navigating their way around the streets of Darlington, looking at their own houses, at school, people walking in the street, making observations on how things have changed. This might be especially helpful now that we are staying indoors more.

Have a go and see what you can find, click the Google Maps image for a  ‘street view’ of Harrowgate Hill Primary School to get you started!



  • BBC have created a great Bitesize resource aimed at children from 3 years old, which has links to all aspects of our learning, in a child friendly way.

There is also a CBeebies Go Explore app, which can be downloaded to a Tablet or Smart phone

Links to both of these can be found here:



Please remember, although screen time has its advantages and can be educational, it is important to limit this within you and your child’s daily routine, and should be supervised at all times.


Enjoy and stay safe! xx



There are lots of things you could do every day to help with your learning. These are some of the things we usually do in Nursery to help you grow in confidence, and become more independent!


Grown-ups, this might help you:

What can I say, instead of

"Be Careful!"

You can help your child to understand and become aware of their surrounding by saying things like:

- "Do you notice how..." the rocks are slippery, the stick is strong.

- "Do you see..." the nettles in the grass? how high up you are?

- "Try moving..." your feet quickly/slowly.

- "Try to use your..." hands/feet/arms/legs to help you.

- "Can you hear..." the cars in the street? the birds? the rushing water?

- "Do you feel..." steady on that rock? the heat from the fire?

- "Are you feeling..." scared, tired, excited, safe?


This will help to make your child aware of possible dangers around them, but will allow them to discover them safely and independently.


To help your child learn to problem solve, try saying things like:

- "What is your plan..." to climb down form there? cross the log?

- "What can you use..." for your adventure? to get across?

- "Where will you..." dig the hole? put that rock?

- "How will you..." go up? get down? get across?

- "Who will... " be with you? help if you need it?


Questions like these will help your child to think about their actions, and work out ways to solve any problems they might have while they play.