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Chinese Dragons

      We are the Chinese Dragons!



Welcome to the Chinese Dragons' Class Page! I am Miss Cairns and I am so proud to be the teacher of this amazing class. 

In Year 4, as part of our mini-topic, we will be exploring China and the many unique places to visit. Through this topic, the children will be using maps to locate the seven continents and five oceans as well as name key places in China. We will also explore the Legend of King Yu through reading, drama and writing. For our Autumn topic, we then travel from China to Greece where we find out about Life in Ancient Greece. We explore Greek myths looking at the heroes and mythical beasts that roam through them! Moving on from the Ancient Greeks, we investigate 'Unfortunate Events' in History and Geography which includes the sinking of the Titanic, the Great Plague, Volcanoes and Hurricanes. Finally, our Summer topic we look at the Romans.

Wow, what a busy year we have ahead of us!


Keep coming back to discover what we have been learning about . . .

Click on the PowerPoint below to find out more about Chinese Dragon Class

Design and Technology - Greek Gyros

We loved preparing and cooking our Chicken Gyros with homemade tzatziki sauce

Maths Practical Learning

In Set 3 Maths, we used resources to find a fraction of a quantity. 

Could you work out 1/7 of 35?

Our Harvest Festival is very different this year as normally we would welcome parents into the school to watch the children celebrate harvest time. Instead the children are coming to everyone's home or work virtually!


In the past, we have asked for donations but to keep everyone safe we are asking for everyone to look out for each other and a smile goes a long way with very little effort!


Please click on the link below to take you to the Video Resource area on our website to watch our Year 4 Harvest Assembly!


Happy Harvest everyone!