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Science Squad

Science Squad was developed to create Science leaders from our pupils.
Science Squad members this year are:
Hallie Y-B - Wombats
Darcie-Joan C - Dingoes
Paige C - Wallaby
Lucas B - Japan
Maisie W - South Korea
Evelyn B - India
Jake W - Sri Lanka
Joseph G - Thailand
Abigail - China
Poppy K - Mexico
Oliver H - Peru
Libby K - Rio
Ella-Jane B - Hollywood
Emily S - New York
Riley W - New York
Grace D - Wild West
Science Squad have also supported with the ideas for STEM Week and we are building them to be more widely used to support teachers in setting up lessons etc where needed. Miss Thompson our Science Lead is also working with them weekly to find out facts which they can share with their class as a way of broadening understanding of scientists across the ages.