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Set 1 Mrs Fraser and Miss Cairns

Monday and Tuesday

In school, we are going to be doing our Maths assessments for the Autumn Term. Don't worry about missing them - you can complete yours when you return to school. Instead of Maths lessons on Monday and Tuesday, we have a few jobs that you can choose to complete instead.


  • Visit Hit the Button and practice your times tables. Remember, we are learning our 2, 5 and 10 x table. 
  • Ask an adult or sibling to test you on your times tables and number bonds to 10 and 20. (Number bonds to 10 are numbers that add together to make 10 and number bonds to 20 are numbers that add together to make 20 - so you could ask your child "What number do I add to 4 to get 10?" What number do I add to 18 to get 20?")
  • Visit and choose a maths game to play and practice your skills.
  • Have you completed your MyMaths homework for this week? If not, you could use this time to do that.