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Arctic Foxes

Butterfly World and Preston Park


Snowflakes loved their trip to Butterfly World and Preston Park - we saw lots of butterflies and had a great time mini beast hunting in the afternoon. 

Silly Questions!


We practise our reading and writing everyday in school. Snowflakes have really enjoyed reading Silly Questions and answering them. Our teachers thought it would be a good idea for us to make some of our own - so here they are!

Planting 'Grass Heads'


As part of our Summer topic, we have been learning all about planting and how living things grow. We have planted lawn seed to create 'grass heads'. We really enjoyed doing this and have written our own instructions on how to do it.


Summer Disco 2019

Comic Relief 2019 - Crazy Hair Day


World Book Day


We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite heroes and villains on World Book Day. We watched a live re-enactment of the Enormous Turnip and took part in shared reading with children in Year 5. 


heartThe Valentine's Discoheart



Welcome to Snowflakes' Class! 


Class Teacher (Key Worker) - Miss Taylor   Teaching Assistants - Miss Turnbull and Miss Smith (Apprentice)


We have had a lovely first term in Reception settling in, finding our way around the classroom and getting to know each other! 


We have had lots to celebrate this term, including our Attendance awards for having the best attendance in the whole of Reception for 5 weeks! To celebrate this the children decided that they wanted to have a party. We came to school in our party clothes and played party games all afternoon! 


We loved celebrating Children in Need, designing our own Pudsey ears and wearing Pudsey tops for school. 



We have been learning to write using Jolly Phonics and Letters & Sounds. We have worked really hard all term to produce amazing work independently and as a group! 


We have had lots of fun learning about numbers and their facts. We have spent a lot of time making numbers, using numicon and have begun to double and halve numbers. 


We have had lots of visitors in Reception so far. We have had visits from the Fire Brigade, Ben and Jet and the Police (Miss Turnbull got arrested!!) and Father Paul, who came to tell us all about the Christmas Story and why Christmas is so special.


In Snowflakes' we have varied interests. These include superheroes - a lot of us acted as Superheroes during the second half of Autumn term and made special superhero masks! Another of our interests is learning how things work, such as robots. We have had a lot of fun exploring beebots and seeing what they can do. 


Christmas Concert 


We practised long and hard for our performance at School this week! We loved getting dressed up as snowmen and enjoyed putting on a show for parents and carers.


Thank you for coming to see us perform!