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Wild West

Eden Camp


As part of our Topic (World War 2) we visited Eden Camp, a former prisoner of war camp, constructed by Italian prisoners of war in 1940. There are, it seems, no prisoners there anymore, and so the camp has been turned into a museum, using the original huts (in which the prisoners would have been housed) as "museums within the museum", each focussing on a different aspect of the war - both at home and abroad.


The children learned all about life at home - including rationing and evacuation - as well as life on the battlefield, and they even had a chance to experience what it might have been like in a submarine (dark, cramped and wet!). Everyone enjoyed themselves, learned lots and were looking forward to learning even more in their topic lessons!



Welcome To The Wild West

Yeehaw, pardners!!


Howdy, and welcome to the Wild West, the rootin'est, tootin'est class in all of Year Six!


It's your last year at HHPS, and we aim to make sure it's the best year that you've had. Yes, it's your SATs year, and that's mightily important, but it's also the year for making your learning all about fun! In English, we will be reading and making comment on The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas and a number of plays by our greatest playwright, William Shakespeare. In Maths, we'll be looking at number, shape, space, data and even a little bit of algebra. In Topic, we will be studying World War 2, the Tudors and Crime and Punishment throughout history, and in Science, we take a close look at light, electricity, animals, plants and evolution! We might even find time to take a trip back in time (sadly, not in the TARDIS) to the time of the Wild West so that we can learn all about cowboys, pioneers and Native Americans.


But, as well as all of that, there's all that stuff that you've been looking forward to being in Year Six to take part in. A trip to Eden Camp, to look at all things World War Two, a possible residential, with all kinds of exciting activities to take part in, and, most excitingly of all, the opportunity to take part in our Year Six Leaver's Production!! I know your teachers can't wait to share all of these things with you, and I hope you're looking forward to them just as much!


And all of this ... well, it's just the beginning, with even more to come.


I hope you'll enjoy Year Six as much as I enjoy teaching it!!


Mr Abbott