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Wild West

Welcome To The Wild West

Yeehaw, howdy and welcome to the Wild West!


This year your Sheriff will be Mr Abbott and he will guide you through the trials and triumphs of Year Six. We'll look at all the different parts of the Wild West - where it was, during which period of time it existed, who lived there, what they wore, the indigenous people of the time - as well as looking at the lives of those brave Frontiersmen who went West and made their homes in the wilderness of America.


This term, we'll also be studying World War 2 - including reading The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas - and looking at electricity and light in Science. Of course, we'll be looking g ahead to the SATs in May, but  we'll be having a lot of fun along the way!


Year Six is a lot of hard work, but us cowboys know how to enjoy ourselves and we'll be making absolutely certain that you have a fantastic year!

Meet The Teacher

Although we would have loved to meet you all personally, this year's Meet The Teacher must, sadly, take place behind closed saloon doors. In the Powerpoint below, find out a little bit more about the class, the structure of the day, and some of the work you'll be getting up to!