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Year 1 – Platypus

Hello and welcome to our class page. I am Mrs Swan and I am the Year 1 teacher to the 20 amazing children in Platypus class!


We can’t wait to share all our new learning and adventures with you so don’t forget to keep checking back for updates!


Our Class Timetable:




Remember to come dressed in your PE kit every Monday.  



Year 1 Snapshot - Find out what we'll be covering in Year 1 this year

In Summer term, we are learning about our school and local area. We have kicked off the term with a walk around our local area - photos to follow!


In our English, we our working towards writing our own Jack and the Beanstalk story with a twist. We were amazed to find that a beanstalk had suddenly popped up in our corridor!


Maths has been focussed on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and finding half and double.

A 'Spring' title surrounded with white and yellow flowers. Two ladybirds and a butterfly are sitting on the leaves.

Spring term has been very busy with lots of fun things such as our trip to Bowes Museum.

We had so much fun during Aspirations Week. Year 1's focus was the animal care industry so we learnt all about vets and zookeepers. We loved watching the zookeepers look after the animals on the Edinburgh Zoo webcams. Also, some of us enjoyed playing in our outside vet role play area. We got to meet lots of visitors including a nurse, cook, toy shop owner, a radio producer, a Youtube film maker and the police.

There were lots of fantastic costumes seen for World Book Day. We took part in book related activities including making our own stick puppet and bookmark.

We took part in lots of activities around keeping ourselves safe when using technology. We spoke about the different people we can speak to if we feel worried.


In Maths, we have been practising our numbers and counting to 20. We have also been working really hard on adding and subtracting. We love using manipulatives! See below just some of the things we have been doing:

In Autumn 1, we really enjoyed been exploring the book Funnybones and creating our own characters and stories.



In Autumn 2, our book is The Tiger Who Came to Tea.



In Autumn 1, we looked at our 'All About Me' topic, including where we live and who we are. We have explored our country and town, as well as considering our family history. We worked towards answering our Big Question: Are we all the same?


Check back for our video answering our Big Question!

In Science, we continued with the 'About Me' theme and looked at 'The Human Body'. We were experts in explaining  what our heart, lungs and brain are for. We loved carrying out our experiment to find out what happens to our body when we complete different activities.

We also explored how we look after our body and loved playing in the hospital! See below for everything Science!

In STEM week, the children read the story of Barnum and his elephants who crossed Brooklyn Bridge. They were then challenged to build a bridge that would hold a toy elephant. They explored materials, planned their design and then put their teamwork to the test to build the bridge. As you can see from the photos, every group succeeded!


As part of our topic on animals, we had an exciting opportunity to meet and hold some animals. All of the children got involved. Some of us were extremely brave and faced our fears. We were very proud of ourselves!

We took part in Children in need and raised lots of money. Our theme was 'Spots' so we created dotty art using stippling and created a spot-related poem.

We took part in a circus workshop which allowed us to try out lots of different skills. We had lots of fun. Some of us were made for the circus!

We ended the term with our Christmas party!